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77 Days Between

 . . . signing onto the 6200-teu Maersk Detroit and stepping off at the end of a hitch, this post is inspired by a sixth boro mariner on a milk run.  Many thanks to Mike Weiss** for most of the photos.  It took him 77 days to get from Port Elizabeth back to Port Elizabeth.  […]

Exotics 17

. . .I finally caught photos of Decisive, just a few hours ago, coming into the sixth boro. Some of you may recognize the crewman with the orange hard hat. Decisive is in the cable business . . . i.e., these are the cable guys. Since I’m right against my post time, I’ll keep the […]

Second Lives 22

Take a fishing trawler built in 1928 and converted to a minesweeper some 10 years later.  After the war, convert it into a North Sea freighter, which then crosses the Atlantic to Kingston NY, where the photo below was taken.  To digress, I recognize Matilda (click and scroll)  on the hard behind the freighter but have […]

Wavertree at Caddell Dry Dock 4

Here are previous posts in this series.  All photos below come compliments of Mike Weiss and were taken on September 24, i.e., about a month after Wavertree rose out of the water on Caddell Dry Dock No. 6. Rather than a very satisfying sifting through the index above, you can read a short history of […]

Wavertree to Caddell Dry Dock 2

This post shows the second leg of what felt like an epic journey, but first let’s back up about 10 minutes.  See the small blue vessel just off the bow of Wavertree? It’s a King’s Point vessel, and leaning out of the house, it’s Capt. Jonathan Kabak, formerly master of Pioneer, Lettie G. Howard, and other vessels. […]

Wavertree at Caddell Dry Dock 1

Here are posts about Wavertree’s trip to the dry dock and before.  And below are two photos I hadn’t used in those posts. In the past 10 weeks, prep for the actual dry docking has resulted in loss of at least a foot and a half of draft.  Mussels once submerged have lost their habitat. […]

Wavertree to Caddell Dry Dock 1

But first, many thanks to Bjoern Kils of New York Media Boat for the enjoyable ride aboard his RHIB Amundsen.   I’ve decided to divide the photos into two posts.  These cover the first 15 minutes (!!) of the trip to the yard. Bartholdi was finishing up his copper creation a year AFTER Wavertree began […]