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Meanwhile Somewhere

I observed all this from a public place which some of you will guess–since clues are all over this– but I won’t identify. Security on the water caught my attention, as did this large steel mammal swimming along with the escort. It was my lucky day. All photos by Will Van Dorp.  

Meanwhile from a Great Lakes Bay

I used to see this as a kid from my first beach while learning to swim.  Those eroded cliffs defined the edge of my world, making me wonder whether they could be an eighth wonder beckoning me to become the discoverer. I find myself looking at this landscape again, six decades later, and wondering instead […]

Meanwhile in Greenport

Thanks to tugster readers who snap photos and write tugster editorial offices, I sometimes can include dispatches from far-flung places.  Today’s post comes thanks to bowsprite who texted me the other day mentioning a pelican at the North Fork of Long Island. I had limited wifi at the time, so I expected later to see […]

Meanwhile in the Sixth Boro 5

Here are previous posts in this series. See the guy paddling along on the recreational board  . . . ? Now you barely can on a blown-up portion of the same photo. Here I zoom in . . . but to the naked eye, he is invisible. I’m not opposed to the concept of enjoying […]

Meanwhile on the Thames

Oops, I pushed the wrong button, so let me finish this now. This Thames rhymes with “games,” Thames, not the other one. This shot encompasses the most eclectic set of vessels ever gathered in an acre of water. Here it’s framed even closer:  two schooners, a fiberglass center console runabout, a fast catamaran ferry, and […]

Meanwhile, Enter the Draken

I choose to interrupt the “go west” series here.  It will continue soon.  And why?  Late yesterday, emerging from the fires over in Sarnia it came . . . to enter the Black River.   Draken‘s a beauty with carved European oakwood like above on the bow cap rail and below on one of many oarlock covers. […]

Meanwhile, in the Congo Watershed 2

A few years have already passed since I posted the first in this series, which I should have called and I’m still in search of a photo of the ITB Major Vangu back in 1973 and 1974.  But I was thrilled to open my email the other morning and find these photos taken in 1992 by […]

Meanwhile . . . 8000 Miles Away 5

Recognize the red schooner?  It’s shown here approaching the dock in Cape Town last week in a photo by Colin Syndercombe, whose previous photos you can see here.  Here are previous photos of the red boat on tugster, and here is the blog kept by the crew of the red boat, Issuma.  Since leaving the […]

Meanwhile, in the Congo Watershed

The last time I had Congo River fotos here was almost seven years ago!  In that post, I mention being a Peace Corps volunteer in the DRC (then Zaire) back in 1973.  When I completely training and tried to fly up to my post, I learned the airplane was out of commission and the river […]

Meanwhile . . . on a Quiet Stretch of the Erie

While the Roundup was happening 200 or so miles to the east in Waterford, a sailboat sank near Lyons, NY.  Yesterday, the boat was raised.  Text and fotos are compliments of Bob Stopper of Lyons, and published exclusively here. “Saturday morning,  the gentleman [at the wheel] did veer to try not hitting the bridge support. […]