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Whatzit 50

What made this stand out was the mostly horizontal member quite high off the water.  So I started snapping. I’d noticed a few days back that Pelham had headed unusually far east in the Sound, and had run sometimes tandem with Captain Willie Landers.  So this must be the tow.   Any guesses?   Names are always […]

NACC New Yorker

See the New Yorker? See the NACC New Yorker? Now you see it.  NACC New Yorker has been around for a while, but here’s the closest I’ve gotten to it. She delivers cement to the Bronx, the McInnis terminal at 50 Oak Point. The most common sister ship I’ve seen is NACC Argonaut. The 2009 […]

East River Traffic 2

Here was the first in this series.  Let’s go to a different location on the East River, and I know I’m late coming to this story, but it’s an exciting one.  Hunts Point is now receiving regular cement shipments, by ship via the East River.  Shipments originate at Port Daniel Gascons, QC. Here under the […]