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Da Ming Shan Redux

  Did I remember I’d seen her before in the same estuary and in the same time of year? No, but I had. Did I know the difference between bitumen and asphalt? No.  But now I do. Keeping a daily blog of my sights and evolving understanding of them brings wonder.  Did I know the […]

Freshwater Tugs 9

Here are the previous 8 installments. We’ll start just north of Belle Isle and move north for these. From l to r, it’s Kimberly Anne and Andrew J, both sailing for Dean Marine & Excavating.   Near Sarnia and in front of the refinery that creates its product, McAsphalt Transportation’s Everlast lies at the dock. […]

GWA7: negotiating the straits of Erie

“Motor city” is another name for Detroit, but “detroit” is only part of the name for the waterway given by the French explorer Cadillac when he led the first Europeans to settle “Fort Pontchartrain du Detroit” on a bank of “le détroit du lac Érié,”  the strait of Lake Erie), linking Lake Huron and Lake […]

Freshwater Tugs 2

The first in this series posted eight years ago! Of course, tugs currently working in freshwater haven’t necessarily started there, as is true of Manitou. Victorious had to traverse halfway around the world before quite recently beginning its life on the Great Lakes, such as it is now pushing hot asphalt seething within John J. […]