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Random Ships 99

Every day is Thanksgiving, but we dedicate one day to talk about it.  One undeniable detail of the US popular T’giving narrative involves a transAtlantic vessel, Mayflower.  Some of this info about the Mayflower might be new. Less than a decade after arriving in North America, it may have been dismantled and used in a […]


On cold days, “picturing” warmer months helps stave off the cold . .  for a while.  But this post is about vessels with this name, one of which is a 1957 passenger vessel that has recently been chosen for some high-and-dry maintenance work.  Actually it’s called Mayflower II, which I’ve alluded to once in this […]

Tisquantum the Sailor

Sometimes stories get told wrong, again and again.  Like the one about Thanksgiving.  How many pilgrims can you name? You know the name of the ship they sailed/chartered, but who was the captain?  Were they headed for Massachusetts?  Can you name one of the “Indians”  or their tribe?  When did it become an official US […]