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More Cargoes 23

When Sea Coast towed a barge through the boro the other day, Tony A snapped the next two photos and shared them with me.  And I’m very grateful he did. You recognize the cargo on this deck barge?  That’s Kings Point in the background. And from Norman Brouwer, here are some closer up shots he […]

From “Jacht” to Yacht

You’ve seen Onrust on this blog many times even before she floated.  Click on the link that follows for the time she flew through then air  in transition to taking the waters for the first time. “Jacht“, the term, originates from the Dutch word for hunt.  The “j” in jacht is pronounced like the English “y” […]

People Movers 2

Here was the first in this series, from quite a while back.   The next two photos below were taken late last week by Brian DeForest. Miss New York, Blount built in 1993 leaves the Statue quite dramatically. Ferry Lt. Samuel S. Coursen, Mathis built 1956, was named for this West Point grad. That’s Explorer […]

Play Boats 2

Here was the first “play boats.” What’s this? For some to entice us to play, it takes a 1935 85′ Mathis Trumpy named —what else– Enticer.  Exactly a year ago, I posted about a 1926 Trumpy Mathis named Freedom. For others it takes teeth and arms . . . even if faux.   If you […]

Dynamic Sixth Boro

Bowsprite tattooed my back about two years ago, and I never felt a thing, didn’t even know about it til a few days later.  See evidence in the eighth foto here.  The tattoo she incised had the best feature: dynamism.  Without  washing or submitting myself to laser-burn or chemical-peel ink removal, that design–beautiful as it […]

Mary Whalen’s 70th Birthday

Here are the basics:  come by land or water to a party for Mary Whalen‘s 70th year next Saturday December 6 from 11 til 5.  You can RSVP here.  I’ll be there.  Two of these three fotos are recycled from earlier Whalen posts this year.  Whalen came off the ways in 1938 at the Mathis […]

Government Boats 12

When tugs race on Sunday, government boats will officiate.  Here are a few players. When Liberty IV splashed into her element in 1989 at the Washburn & Doughty yard in East Boothbay, ME, she began a career that she still occupies:  to ferry Park Service employees and supplies from the “mainland” to several stops in the sixth […]