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Mary Whalen Moves Again

Here were some of the previous Mary Whalen moves.  And here was one return.  A few days ago, Mary Whalen moved into Atlantic Basin, where the 70th birthday party was held and public access will be much easier than it has been for future programming TBA.   This post shows pics taken onboard during the move;  I […]

Mary Whalen Moves III

Mary Whalen‘s moved several times that I missed, but today was my third, or so.  Click here for one of her previous moves, and here for an orange tug moving her.  In small, quick patches of sunlight between the raindrops, she has a new dance partner–K-Sea Houma– while off to the west, storm clouds churn […]

Mary Whalen Moves II

(continued from earlier) The journey should be at least as interesting as the arrival, and Portside‘s  Mary Whalen does not get out much these days anyhow, so clear destination notwithstanding, she has to turn a bit, do a molinete, glance southward; wistfully looking back toward the Kills, she feels a frisson of seafaring from a […]

Mary Whalen Moves

At the appointed hour, a tug sidles up and the deckhand handily lassos the midships bitt on Whalen‘s port side. Step one in “making the tow” is about to happen.   In minutes Mary Whalen and Nathan E. Stewart are ready to tango . . .   with these two connections and one on the […]

Around the Sixth Boro 3

Here was ASB 2.  There might be eight million stories in the naked city, but in its primary boro aka the sixth boro at least half again that number of other stories could be told  . .  by the collective whoever knows them. Captain Zeke moves with the diverse stone trade past folks waiting below […]

Tug Work

As I post this, Hurricane Isaac approaches New Orleans, and the work  of every mariner on the river is to ride out the storm. Even if it appears that almost nothing is moving on the river, movement is there and intense.  Click here (now) for live views on the street and on the river in […]

Seven Seas 3

Earth Day 2010 7 foggy sunrise, the unit leaving Arthur Kill in the direction of the Bayonne Bridge   …  is Davis Sea pushing DBL 26, a 28,000-barrel vessel.  Given the amount of influence Gaylord Nelson has had, it’s totally appropriate to refer to him here. Foto compliments of Jed, here’s a different  sunrise in […]