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Maroon Tug Fleet 8

Here are previous installments.  And here are names and numbers of all who have all paraded in front of my lens recently. Amy Moran, 1973, 3000hp Joan Turecamo, 1980, 4300. James D. Moran, 2015, 6000. Jonathan C. Moran, 2016, 6000. Marie J Turecamo 1968 and 2250, and James Turecamo 1969 2000 or 1800 or 1700 […]

Maroon Tug Fleet 7

. . . in this case, Moran ship-assist tugs in the sixth boro. Jonathan C leaves the waving lady to port, James D waits with Brooklyn to port, Margaret waits over closer to Red Hook, Miriam treads water over along Bay Ridge, JRT prepares to head dockside, Kirby goes to the next job Jonathan C […]

Maroon Tug Fleet 6

The photo below is somewhat misleading;  MSC Beijing was assisted in–from outside the VZ Bridge by the two 6000s–Jonathan C and JRT–but Doris just happened to be in proximity as the ship passed.   Earlier in that glorious 65-degree day with the strange cloud, here was JRT assisting another ship around Bergen Point . . […]

Maroon Tug Fleet 5

Click here for the previous posts in this series.  It’s good for me to revisit past posts because then I can locate and correct some errors, like having two “2”s in this series, now corrected.  I also notice that i’ve learned a thing or two about a thing or two.  Like, technically, the color is […]

Seven Seas 2

I’ve no idea why some days a single fleet seems to predominate among boats coming and going past my various offices along the KVK.  By the way, “offices” just means anyplace from which good fotos can be had; peaceful places all but low on creature comforts.  Yesterday snow-white and orange was all I saw.   […]

Maroon Tug Fleet 2

Farley Mowat talks about the “throng” in People of the Deer, a memoir of his time among the Cree, the throng being the brown river of caribou stopping his train as he journeyed toward Hudson Bay. Gravesend Bay has an avian throng I eavesdropped on yesterday. Btw, that’s Coney Island beyond the buffleheads and brent’s […]

Maroon Tug Fleet 3

Turecamo Boys aka Boys has to be a favorite, but here’s more of the fleet.   Rafted up here Kimberly (ex-Rebecca P), Cape Cod, and barely visible, Jean,   and then the same three after separating. Jean Turecamo (to the left) was featured high and dry last spring.   Above is Jean with Lee T […]

Maroon Tug Fleet 4

It’s been a while since I’ve followed these color threads.  Here’s Maroon 2.  Below, looking past the barge and the bow of sad Phillip T. Feeney towards the Moran New York home base, Miriam and Gramma Lee T Moran obscure the Moran ATB’s name.  Scott Turecamo mayhaps? On this rainy morning last week–all mornings last […]

Maroon Tug Fleet

I’m guessing, Mary Whalen once looked maroon, but now it’s Moran‘s trademark color.   Notice the greenish-black hull and the yellow slip-proof platform at the bow around the H-bitt and the staple at the stem,   maroon steel warmed up by brightwork like a yacht,   crew energy maintained in a world class galley,   […]