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Brendan Turecamo and Marjorie B McAllister

These two boats have a lot in common:  built a year apart in the same shipyard and more. Without being aboard, I’d say they were products of the same designed and may appear to be twins,  A surprising feature they share is the telescoping upper wheelhouse that allows visibility when needed.   I say they […]

Random Tugs 375

Random and quick for now .  . . the 2015 Janet D makes her way across the Bay.   The 1974 Marjorie B. McAllister  moves its car float float from NJ to NY.   The 1996 Martin Explorer and her barge has been in town at least once before here a little over a half […]

Carfloating 2

This series goes back more than a decade to here.  But this is only the second time the 2019 NYNJR200 (rail) carfloat is identified.  Metal Trades of Yonges Island SC built it less than a half dozen years ago.  The previous time the carfloat appeared here, it was handled by the Brown boats, now history.  James […]

Names 48

Call this a case of the common and the obscure.  See the name on that tanker? Of course, and we know the name well for his fables despite his and their antiquity.  The crude tanker was launched in 2012. But how about this one?  I had to look it up. But if you know sci-fi […]

Sixth Boro Details 14

This will be the last post for a few days . . .   William F. Fallon Jr. at the Statue. Thomas D. Witte, dredge Delaware, Durham, and some smaller boats in the Upper Bay. Marjorie B. McAllister with NYNJR 200 on the Brooklyn side.  Jessica Ann and another RIB appear to be involved in […]

Random Tugs 379

Janet D, product of 2015, comes in a 67′ x 26′.   Ellen McAllister, the oldest here launched in 1967, measures 102′ x 29′. Marjorie B McAllister, from 1974, is bigger than I imagined . . .   112′ x 30′. The two McAllister tugs were heading to assist tanker Sakura Belle, 26960 dwt contained within […]

Random Tugs 378

Let’s jump back to the present . . .  and Doris Moran, both light and moving containers across the harbor to the other container port back fields. If I count right, that’s 160 containers not on chassis pulled by trucks on the BQE, SIE, or other such clogged arteries. Brinn Courtney is moving a scow, […]


For scale, the “small” tugboat on the near side of the tanker here is over 100′ loa.   That means … there’s a lot of crude oil capacity in the vessel she’s  assisting.  however, to complete the scale comparison, this tanker is 816′ loa.  The largest tanker currently operating–Euronav Oceania–is 1246′ loa, and the largest ever–Knock […]

Random Tugs 381

Marjorie  moves her train cars. Nathan G goes for fuel. Crystal Cutler pushes her barge. Paula Atwell travels light for a change.  CMT Pike does her harbor rounds.  Mister Jim here looks brighter than usual in the morning sun; in cloudy weather, that gray livery obscures details.  Robert IV assists at the stone anchorage. Cape […]

Random Tugs 363

We alternate back to Albert Gayer (1897-1976) tomorrow, but to maintain connection with the contemporary sixth boro, especially in the cold, crisp January light, enjoy these five varied boats from this past week.  Name the one below? Pelham, of course.  The mighty Pelham was launched in 1960, loa is 80.4′, and has 3000 hp. Who […]