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Marjorie B. 3

Here were 2 and 1.  What intrigued me  in post 1 about Marjorie B. four years ago was its telescoping house.   Some time  back I saw the whole vessel lifted up out of the water.   Behold what the 39-year-old former Exxon Ocean State looks like as seen from below.   All fotos by […]

Marjorie B. 2

I first devoted a full post to Marjorie B last winter, after seeing her be-rimed.  Here’s a foto from this morning, before 9 a.m. Around 1030, Sun Round entered the KVK from the east.  That’s the mast of Colleen McAllister hiding behind the scow.  Here’s my post about Sun Round from over three years ago. […]

Marjorie B.

Here’s another Phillip T. Feeney post from the archives. Now let’s start with a conventional looking 35-year-old tugboat repowered in 2001 with 4000 horsepower of EMDs. Same Marjorie, house up, and down and up and down and here you can see one reason for this telescoping. What I can’t tell you is how long it […]

KVK Dawn 6

Steve Munoz took the first three photos in October 1986 from Borenquin.  The tug identified as Kathryne E. McAllister appears to be the one from 1975, now known as Brendan Turecamo.  Borenquin lived many lives between launching in Vancouver WA in 1945 and scrapping in Beihei CH (near the northeastern border of Vietnam) in 1989. […]

Random Tugs 332

Mornings on the KVK can be busy. Above, Sea Fox (1971) follows Barney Turecamo (1995), and below, Kimberly Poling (1994) is followed by Mary H (1981) Kimberly Turecamo (1980) and Marjorie A. McAllister (1974) head east to escort different incoming ships. Chesapeake Coast (2012) assists Gulf Coast (1982) moving the cement barge out into the […]

Spring Morning Hour 2

The other morning was without wind and busy, so this next “hour” is actually 30 minutes, and these are only a few of the photos I took between 0900 and 0930 of this extraordinary morning from my single vantage point. A team of Dann Marine tugs leave the dock, framing Nicole Leigh at the Reinauer […]

Something Different 57

Here’s a mystery, a 1919 UK-built tug named G. W. Rogers that sank in Rensselaer in December 1987.  Click on the photo itself to get more info. The mystery is this:  which floating crane raised it and what became of it later? Next mystery:  what became of the wooden floating drydock that used to be […]

Random Tugs 317

If you follow this blog, you know I look for novelty:  new vessels, new roles, new perspectives I don’t always even initially or ever understand.  Here’s for me a new boat, Cape Fear, 2018, another Sassafras class tug.   Brendan Turecamo, 1975,  has appeared here many times, but in the past week, I’ve seen her […]

Pilots 11

Here are previous posts in this series.  This post is a tribute to the dangerous but vital role pilots play in shipping. Below, the docking pilot descends onto Marjorie B McAllister. The transition from the gangway to the jacob’s ladder is tricky. Here’s a Moran docking pilot, departing the ship after the ship is underway. […]

Random Tugs 299

Franklin crossed over the KVK to assist Haggerty Girls and RTC 107 out of IMTT. Patrice just finished assisting a box ship, and then turned around to help a government ship out of port. Ernest Campbell with no lion yet on its stack. Kings Points eases Double Skin 307 out of IMTT. Marjorie B. is […]