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Marie J. Turecamo

See the name clearer of the stern here than the bow?  See the distinctive tender? This vessel with the unique davits and radar is not the same vessel.  And the woman in black with a bow in her hair at the stern, she is the namesake for both boats.  The gray, black, and white photos, complements of […]

Marie J Turecamo 2

This photo is out out order in this sequence, just to show scale. Before a tanker leaves, the boom gets removed by these small boats, which also help handle the lines. Miriam came in to deliver the pilot(s).  She then gets a line toward the stern to pull the tanker off the dock. Marie J. […]

Random Tugs 318

Name that tug?  She’s 91.5′ x 26.8′ and used to be called Traveller.  Answer follows. Part of a defacto ghost fleet around the sixth boro, it’s J. George Betz, and mostly invisible beyond, Rhea I. Bouchard. J. George is longer, stronger, and newer. Also in the dry dock a week or so back, it’s Emily […]

Film Tugs 7

Here are previous posts in this series. There is some self-disclosure here:  since last winter and thanks to my movie-buff son, I’ve gotten hooked on movies based on comics.  So, recently, to my surprise, while watching Gotham, I saw Marie J. Turecamo and one of the 6000s in a CGI-noir of an East River scene. […]

Port of Albany 2

What gives the location away . . . if you’ve never seen Albany, is the prolate spheroid along the right side of the photo.   Prolate spheroid?  Think football.  But actually that one is called the egg.  It’s a performing arts center, and I’ve never been inside. Albany is the new home of Marie J. Turecamo. […]

Random Tugs 160

Let’s start with Marie J. Turecamo (1968).  And then let’s look at others out around this springtime morning: Like Joan Turecamo (1980), built near the confluence of the Hudson River and Erie Canal, heading out here with James D. Moran (2015); Caitlin Ann (1961) doing a recycling run; Emerald Coast (1973) leaving the U-Haul; North Sea […]

Random Tugs 151

The first photos here comes from John Jedrlinic, who took the one immediately below in Norfolk in August.  So far as I know, Julie Anne has not yet seen the sixth boro. I’m also not sure A. J. McAllister has seen the sixth boro.  Believe it or not, A. J. dates from 2003, built in Panama […]

Random Ships 39

Here’s the index to the previous posts in this series. Self-unloaders are not unheard of in the sixth boro;  in fact, some of my favorite vessels like here, here, and here . . . I’ve followed them.  Here’s a link to the Oldendorff site showing how the self-unloaders work.    Rt Hon Paul E. Martin […]

Zhen Hua 10 Again

As day broke, the fog descended.  Here was Zhen Hua 10 right outside the Narrows around 0700. Marie J. Turecamo stood by. Nicholas Miller ferried out . . . crew?   . . . materials? Here’s how the bridge looked by 0720.  i had to do some work, and when I returned at 1030 . . […]

Thanks to David Silver 2

Here’s the first in this series.   David sent me some photos earlier this week and offered to write the commentary as well.  Hence the quotation marks. “Marie J. Turecamo steam harmlessly through the harbor.” “James Turecamo makes a splash as she heads towards the Kill.” Lincoln Sea sits patiently in the notch of the […]