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Assorted Traffic Nola

If they fly the flag, maybe they do the deeds,  or maybe they had been too busy shrimping to notice what the deckhand ran up the mast. Maybe they were just both at Journey’s End. Lizzy B. Moran returned from an assist. This unnamed trawler–I forgot to look at the transom because I was so […]

Mardi Gras 2019

First, some context, and yes, today is that day.  I celebrate it without claiming to adhere to anything beginning with ashes.  This may be grasping at long shots, but I have not visited a location that celebrates this spring event in a long time.  I know . . . shame on me.  More on that […]

Tractors 2

Over 11 years ago I did the first post called “tractors,” and back then I never imagined what the “2” in the series would consist of.  It’s summertime–click here for soundtrack–and let’s see those tractors!  By the way, most of the photos below I took in Canandaigua NY last week at the annual “steam pageant.” […]

Carnavalons 1

To start out, here’s the Groupe Océan dock in the old port of Quebec.   The large tug to the left is Ocean Taiga; its twin Ocean Tundra is to its right.  Here’s my article on the 8200 hp twins (118′ loa x 42′) in February 2018 issue of ProfessionalMariner. Question:  As the temperature range at […]

Pairs in Springtime 9

I don’t care that it’s February, but the number of subsequent days with temperatures over 50 degrees in the sixth bor0 tells me it is spring–or has been. Notice the difference between Severn and Fort Schuyler?  Here proximity highlights the difference in height of the upper wheelhouse, but Severn is of the 4200 hp class and […]

Cold Mardi Gras

For the misfortune of all us 25 million sixth boro shore dwellers, it’s cool like below.  Here’s what the the river banks like look for us when Mardi Gras gets scheduled. Tugs and buoys carry glaze like this or this . . . . Even local wrecks (that’s two side by side there) have a glaze that mimics the gleaming white paint […]

Second Lives 18

This hull was called Melvin E. Lemmerhirt for almost 40 years.  I took the photo below in 2007, as she passed in front of a then very different piece of Brooklyn land’s edge. Here’s how the vessel looks now, known as Evelyn Cutler, maybe good for another 40 years? Evelyn‘s fleet mate looked like this […]

50 Shades of Spray 2

Many thanks to Pierre Kfoury for sending along this very clever photo in shades of black, white, and gray of Bruce McAllister he took up by New Hamburg, NY.  In Pierre’s photo, I like those gray shades and gray reflections too. More shades of spray take us to Emerald Coast, passing Chesapeake Coast. Sitting out […]

Whatzit 19

I know some folks refuse to spend time with Facebook.  I entered there in 2008 after figuring out it was the only way to communicate and exchange photos with some people.  Now I’ve joined 14 groups there . .  and checking in has become similar to dropping by the breakroom at a job. Saturday night […]

Mardi Work

So after work today, I went looking for evidence that New Yorkers celebrate mardi gras.    I saw this instead . . .  seal? Not!   Unless seals these days carry flashlights and trail markers and have a support vessels like Linda Ann, herself supported by W. O. Decker and Peking. Here is one of […]