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M is for Merry 3

Unless I get more Christmas tree/decorations photos, you might consider me remiss.  It’s the season when I get decoration photos, no tree itself.   Here are previous iterations.  Got any unique ones like signs of the season, like this one  . .  or this from Morgan City? That photo, WVD, who’s currently out looking for […]

M is for Merry 2

Those look like icicles, and beyond the icicled railing, that’s certainly a wreath decorated with CFR § 83.33 signalling device . . . aka bell.  And are those partial candy canes way in the distance? And a Christmas . .  as well as all-year round star! Seen from a different perspective, I think this is […]

M is for Merry

New equipment on that boat? Oh, wait!  there’s a face and a tree, and the red-clad crewman is standing outside the top of the chimney stack.   This was the other goal when I went out . . . to find evidence of Christmas spirit out in the sixth boro . . . and Kimberly […]

Christmas Eve 2021

Deck the hulls . . . the bell sound signal device and railings too. And I’ll leave that song right there.    Kimberly Turecamo has a wreath around the bell also, but consistent with the Kimberly crew, there’s more. Merry Christmas all . . . All photos, WVD. Here was last year’s M is for […]

Atlantic Basin 2

home of the two Marys.  The farther Mary comes and goes, but the nearer one–Mary A. Whalen, hub of the Basin–will serve as locus for (literally) tons of visiting historical vessels (See Atlantic Basin 1)  this summer as well as intangible amounts of fun.  See the full calendar of music, movies, lectures, and visiting vessels […]