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WLV-612 Redux Closeup

Click here for my serendipitous fotos of WLV-612 under way a few months back.  I traded those fotos for a tour.  But  the vessel immediately below is not 612 . . . it’s LV-87, 43 years older than the 612.  Check out the riveted hull.    Here and here are some previous posts on that […]

WLV-612 Redux

Sometimes serendipity smiles on me.  Like yesterday.  I’d left quite early for an event and saw this red dot on the horizon.  If I hadn’t seen the vessel before, I might have thought it a phantasm.  But four-plus years ago, I’d even gotten a tour of WLV-612 . . . a vessel so exquisite inside now you have […]

Beacon WLV-612

You’ve seen this vessel before here.  Last night I saw the inside and heard the narrative of its service life (California, Maine, Massachusetts) as well as the three-year process of its adaptive reuse, the basics of which you can read on its own website.  The minutiae of its size, equipment, and propulsion, again, check  here. […]

LV-112 or WLV-612

The indomitable bowsprite caught this distinctive red lightship entering the North River last month.  Great, but I was confused because a few days before I’d met a gentleman from LAMP who expressed frustration about the future of Lightship 112,  Nantucket.  It turns out a series of vessels have borne that name and two are afloat. […]

Random Sixth Boro 8

You’d have thought I use this title more often, but it’s been almost three years since it last appeared. I’m starting with this photo of the lightship WLV-612, because this is where I’ll be this evening for a FREE and open-to-the-public 6 pm showing of our documentary Graves of Arthur Kill.  Seats for those who arrive […]

Port Richmond

November, port month on tugster, ends here, making this GHP&W 30.  Here’s how the month began.  One thing I learned putting together this post is that Port Richmond and Mariner’s Harbor appear not to share a border, at least according to the wikipedia map.  Between the western edge of Port Richmond and the eastern edge of […]

Sixth Boro Fifth Dimension 2

This “fleetless” 2013 fleet week in the sixth boro is an ideal time to look back at previous fleet visits, using these vintage fotos taken almost a third of a century ago by Seth Tane.  Here’s my “fleeted” fleet week fotos from 2012. Foto #1.  USS Mount Whitney arrives in town with airship escort.  Which lightship […]

LV-112 Moves

Many thanks to Matt of Soundbounder for the heads up and to Lori of Jarvis House and Garden for use of these fotos.  As of this post time Wednesday, LV-112 Nantucket has just seen its first sunrise in Boston after languishing for eight years in Oyster Bay, hoping there to become a museum but facing […]