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1963 Lightship

What better vessel to post about on the winter solstice than a lightship.  Here, here, and here are some previous ones. This particular lightship I saw east of Rotterdam in May 2014. It’s not particularly old, so I hope it’ll be a reminder in dark times into the distant future. Here’s part of the story. […]

1907 Lightship

Here and here are previous posts that feature this vessel, LV-87 Ambrose.  The first two photos below come from Birk Thomas in late winter 2012, as Ambrose was finishing up some yard work and then in March headed back to South Street Seaport Museum.  I took the remaining photos, the one below as the lightship […]

18 Lightships

Thanks to Matt for correcting a fact in yesterday’s post, in which I reported hearing that 12 lightships remain.  In fact, the number is 18, of which 2 are “endangered.”  Can you find the lightship in the foto below, which I’m re-posting from 11 months ago?  (Click here for the original context.) Back last February, […]

1929 Lightship

Many thanks to Joel Milton for this undated, “coloriferous” image of –well–  “Marilyn out of the frying pan and into the [North] River.”  Might she of the yellow locks feel attracted by the radiance of the lightship? A year younger than four score, Frying Pan repelled mariners from shoals at the mouth of the Cape Fear River […]

Random Ships 95

It’s been over a month since I did a thoroughly non-scientific sampling of ships in the boro. I’ve not gotten photos this time, but ONE Apus is back in town after a long hiatus, a time to reconstruct the cells after a Pacific mishap.  Above, not quite a month on, Nordspring is in the Atlantic […]

Random Ships 92

Random maybe but mostly Nord Summit appears here while lightering in the Upper Bay for about a week before heading upriver to Coeymans.  Obsidian was in the boro a bit, but has now headed for the Gulf port of Houston.  Foreshortening makes it appear these cranes would crash. Had you noticed Emma Miller, little lube […]

Really Random Ships 2

This is a very mixed bag:  differing locations, times, and type of ships. Installment 1 was from a very different time, two years and a few weeks ago.  The first three photos come thanks to Steve Munoz.  1990.  Somewhere on the Hudson . . . I can’t quite place it.  Penhors, launched 1986, is no […]

Random Ships 88

This is flamboyance personified . . . well, at least shipified. This 6724 teu vessel began life in 2010 at Mol Magnificence, with a much less flashy color. This 8468 teu vessel, taking on fuel in Gravesend Bay carries an unlikely name,  America, registered in Limassol.  Previous names include CSCL America and MSC Baltic. This […]

Random Ships 83

Remember Laura Maersk, the unusual tow from back in mid-June?  An engine room explosion disabled her, and she had to be towed in for repairs.  Well . . .  below are her tracks from yesterday . . .  first sea trials . . . aka a “test drive” and then she made a beeline for […]

Random Ships 82

What’s visible for now is Pegasus and Maersk Seletar, but behind the container ship and soon to emerge is Mukaddes Kalkavan.  A few hours later, I saw Seletar doing 22 kts heading south along the Jersey coast.  Seletar is an area in Singapore. Ava escorts Mukaddes Kalkavan into the port from the starboard bow. Scot […]