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Life Savers/Life Saving 3

Here are the previous installments. It was the color and shape that caught my eye, and I’m guessing that’s the whole point.  If you were a searcher, you’d want a color and shape or anything else to catch your eye. It turns out I’ve caught them here before . . . and I’m glad for […]

Life Savers/Life Saving 2

Here was the first in the series.  Recognize the orange hull behind the orange inflatable? It appeared to be a drill . . . at the St. George ferry racks of John J. Marchi.  If anyone ends up in the frigid waters of the sixth boro, I presume this is the procedure.  I missed the […]

Life Savers/Life Saving

Mr. Pena . . . below is a foto of your life saver aka CABO ROJO taken in the East River NYC in November 2010.  Note that on this day she was pushing three scows just south (west) of Hell Gate.   The connection to your story was made by Gus Pervolarakis.  Thanks much,  Gus.    Since I […]

Golden Ship

In some light, what looks orange turns to pure gold. Magical light turns an oil products tanker into a metaphor. Arthur Kill here shows its potential to make beauty.   Nothing exceeds the alchemy of a November sunset. Why gild the lily?  Timing and perspective make so much difference, and not just for oil ships […]