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Lettie: Sixth Boro to Gloucester and Return

Here are some posts about Lettie G. Howard. Want to join the crew for a sail to Gloucester for the 2016 schooner race, be part of the race crew, or help sail the 1893 schooner back to NYC’s sixth boro? You’d be crew in training, integrated into watch-standing along with her professional crew. On the return, […]

Lettie’s Back!

Here was a post I did in early spring 2013.  She went to Portland, Maine for the work, and this morning she returned to South Street Seaport Museum pier, about 36 hours travel out of Gloucester. The timing was perfect for me . . . as I’m currently reading A Dream of Tall Ships, Peter […]

Lettie Fundraiser 2

Here was the first post.  Today spring has sprung and may Lettie, with such graceful toughness delicate efficiency, like a crocus,  burst forth.  Support the fundraiser. All fotos by Will Van Dorp. For updates on Marion M. and if you do FB, click here.   It updates this article:  Marion M. has been purchased and […]

Lettie Fundraiser

All the fotos I have of Lettie G. Howard were taken five or more years ago.    So why am I posting these now . . .  reposting some, in fact?  Here’s why:   April 8, 2013 Rosanne Cash will perform a gala concert to raise funds to restore Lettie, as she is affectionately known, […]

Lettie: Essex to the Kills

Yesterday luck moved me, literally;  on a work break I headed to one of my spots on the Arthur Kill.  Soon after I arrived, an unusual green shape emerged from the steam and miasma of the refinery in Linden–no tug or other 21st or even 20th century workboat.  Instead a 19th century workboat powered toward […]

Retro Sixth Boro 12

March 2009 . . . Stephen Scott here passes Port Ivory, near my old job, pushing RTC 70.   I’m still looking for Stephen Scott photo is her new profile, sans upper wheelhouse.  Port Ivory was an intriguing place name for me when I first moved here;  once a North Shore Branch of the SIRR […]

Port Colborne Pics 1

Besides the title, you might place this photo by the background.  It was the focus of this post from about six weeks ago. I returned to Port Colborne because I wanted to spend more time.  All vessels traveling between the upper four Lakes and Ontario/St Lawrence Seaway must traverse here.  And an alarm on Bridge […]

Summer Sail 2

Here was Summer Sail 1; and since that dates from almost two years ago. Clipper City looks great juxtaposed against the skyline, but ketch Catriona . . . she has Herreshoff pedigree. No matter . . . larger schooner or smaller and more intimate ketch, one is pampered moving by sail in the sixth boro. […]

Retro Sixth Boro 3

All photos today I took in May and early June of 2008.  Odin, configured this was in 1982, is now known as Jutte Cenac, after considerable reconfiguration.  You’d no longer look twice at her now, as you would back then. Scotty Sky, the Blount-built tanker launched in 1960, was rendered obsolete on January 1, 2015 […]

Sixth Boro Fifth Dimension Mon Lei

Recall that “fifth dimension” is my code for the time travel series;  call it history if you wish. In 1968–50 fast years ago!!–  Mon Lei, which transited the harbor last weekend, was more of a presence.  All photos here come from Steve Munoz, who writes:  “I saw your post and remembered seeing a Chinese junk at the […]