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Last Call + Four Years

Yesterday, I had permission to board the 1905 ferry Binghamton for the first time in almost four years.  I had studied my 2011 photos a little, but the boat is so changed inside that I really should have printed out some 2011 shots to try to replicate them.  That said, it’s so modified that that might […]

After Last Call 3

What attracted my attention was the gull, shrieking with anger.  Click here (and follow) to see all the previous posts I’ve done about this once-proud ferry. “How could you allow this prolonged death?”  said the gull. And as much evidence as you may have that I’m fascinated by ruins, I’m with the gull on this […]

After Last Call 2

Ten months ago I did this post of the 1905 ferry Binghamton.  Twenty months ago I did this one,  this  and this with many interior shots at that time.   The foto below dates from October 2011 just after Irene. Here was Binghamton this morning, a work of disintegrative art, refusing to buckle in spite of […]

After Last Call

In Utah a few weeks ago, I saw a deer, recently dead . . . judging by the redness of some remaining tissue, but scavengers like ravens and coyotes had mostly picked clean its intact ribcage, which itself would soon be hauled away in sections by the larger beasts.  Binghamton, the 1905 ferry, is dead. […]

Last Call 3

Some of you asked what became of the faux sidewheeler that had been beside Binghamton.  Here’s a foto I took in June.  In July it was still this way. Behold the hideousness of its facade. And the dirty secret that it had not only a faux but also a single sidewheel.    Well, call this […]

Last Call 2

No phantasmagoria today, just the cold hard facts, or in this case . . . the wet, crumbling ones:  exploring Binghamton felt like visiting a hospice.   Hopes to see what remained in the engine room were dashed halfway down the companionway below the main deck.  Nasty cafe au lait post-Irene river water, at least […]

Last Call 1

I walk into this bar . . . on the river across from Manhattan.  It’s to be a day of revelry with the veiled but elegant woman on my arm.  I don’t know her myself, but this happens to be that kind of day. The ceiling is wood and festooned with pine boughs, the finest […]

Last Monthly Photos 2019

For your quick peruse today, I offer the inverse of yesterday’s post:  I went to my archives and selected the LAST photo of something water-related each month of 2019. So if that photo was a person or an inland structure, I didn’t use it;  instead, I went backwards … until I got to the first […]

Erin McAllister and More

One of the joys about living in the sixth boro is its size and dynamism.  There are three bridges in this photo below that will not be the same if I take this shot again in three or four years;  this is my first notice of the stays already in place at the new Goethals. Will […]

Last Hours 2015

One of my (formerly) secret heroes is Guy Noir, secret because I may be revealing too much about myself in admitting that.  But life’s too short to care about drivel like that.   Noir has an office on the 20th floor of the Acme Building in a “city that knows how to keep its secrets,” […]