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Lake Loop 9: More Milwaukee

What can you do with a 1953-built T-boat? Just about anything.  Since 1970, Neeskay has been UW-Milwaukee’s primary research vessel.  I hope to post more about her later. Joseph started brewing his fizzy water 169 years ago in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee River has numerous drawbridges. Frederick was brewing his five years earlier even than Joseph. Krista […]

Lake Loop 8: Milwaukee

I had a high school math teacher armed with adages like “sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you.”  It came to mind this morning as happens sometimes, this set of photos set themselves up, a situation much better than when sometimes you taste the frustration of being minutes or seconds too late. […]

Lake Loop 7: West Across the Top

American Integrity is one of 13 ore boats on the Great Lakes called the “thousand-footers,” whose length ranges from 1000′ to 1013′.  They represent the most recent upgrade in ore boat capacity. She was launched in 1977.  The newest 1000-footer was Paul R. Tregurtha, launched in 1981.  As the fleet ages, are there discussions of building […]

Lake Loop 6: The Island

Motor vehicles –except two for the police and fire–are not permitted on Mackinac Island;  a RORO named Corsair runs supply trailers to the dock, where all cargo is transshipped onto wagons pulled by horses. Corsair, that RORO, was built in Rhode Island by Blount in 1955. Bicycles and horses provide transport on the island. Horses […]

Lake Loop 5: The Straits Eastbound

Now and then I see something that intrigues me more than a routine amount.  This lighthouse looked to have been bombed.  It turns out . . . it had!  Waugoshance Light was used for bombing practice during WW2.  The light is at the west end of Wilderness State Park, home to wolves and bears. Farther […]

Lake Loop 4: Archipelagos

This photo I took from the Manitou Passage.  To the west, South Manitou Light is located on an island by the same name.  Sleeping Bear Dunes to the east. The photo below is not very good, but it serves to hint at the the existence of a shipwreck.  SS Francisco Morazon ended her service on a sand […]

Lake Loop 3: Muskegon

The photo below may seem an unlikely choice on tugster, especially as lead photo.  I post it here because this is where Urger in 1901 was designed, built, and launched at 300 Pine, on a finger of the Grand River and not far from Dornbos Island.  I mention that because Urger was initially called Henry J. […]

Lake Loop 2: Lake Macatawa

This lake is the entrance to Holland, MI, slightly less than 100 miles northeast of Chicago.  I know the vessel below is a repurposed USCG 40-footer, but I was drawn in so many directions that I didn’t get a photo of the name on the stern.  Here is more info on this vessel type, aka utility […]

Lake Loop 1

This starts a new series, drawing from a loop from Chicago to Chicago via Mackinac Island. Clearly something was amiss when a Chicago police boat was blocking outbound traffic from Burnham Harbor. By the way, the grassy “dunes” in the background cover what was once Meigs Field.  Then a TowBoatUS vessel appeared on scene with […]

Thanks to Great Lakes Mariner

A friend who works on the Great Lakes sent me these next two photos recently.  When I saw Anglian Lady in the foreground, my first thought was that I’d seen her myself but she looked somehow different.  More on that later. Anglian Lady was Thornycraft built and launched in Southampton UK as Hamtun, a 132′ […]