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Labrador Sea No More

I have a bunch more “cypher 12” calendar-ready ideas to come, but time flows, changes and evolution press, and I don’t want to get left behind.  Again, I’m NOT selling calendars, but they are easy to make.   Back eight years ago I did a post called Labrador Sea.  There she is below, photos I […]

Labrador Sea

Study this foto of Labrador Sea I took in October 2007, when this blog approached its first birthday.  For the record, vessel was launched as Sea Bull in 2002, in Rhode Island.  (Digression:  Belated Happy Year of the Ox!!)  See Sea Bull here. Now check this foto of Labrador Sea taken on a 60-degree day […]


Atlantic Huron arrives at Eisenhower Lock from Snell Lock. Cargo is iron ore from Labrador and loaded at Sept-Isles. Anyone know why the hatch covers are kept wet? LOA is 736.’ Lock chamber is 740′ by 78.’ Breadth of vessel is 77.’ Notice the two crewmen standing by.  I heard no scraping along  the sides. […]

Random Tugs 326

In a real way, this post is about cargo also.  Look at this top photo . . .  any guesses what’s unique about the cargo? This is the only the second time I post a photo of Double Skin 510A, here pushed by Wye River, but it’s the first time I call attention to it […]

Random Tugs 280

Want to check out Random Tugs 001?  The  001 got added more recently than 2007 because back then,  I had no idea I’d go on.  In the 2007 photo, might that be Mary Turecamo along with the Reinauer tugs, which are also still at work operating out of the sixth boro.  The other morning Mary […]

Random Tugs 252

Resolute rotates into the sixth boro now and again;  her truly best and bushiest fendering make her a welcome sight whenever.  I believe this is the last time I saw her here almost two years ago. Janet D first appeared on this blog here, three years ago.  And here’s something I never realized (or if […]

Random Tugs 238

Pacific Reliance (9280 hp) transfers cargo before heading to Texas . . . with the 155,000 bbl barge 650-1. B. Franklin Reinauer (4000 hp) passes by with RTC 82 (80,000 bbl, if I read that right) and Austin (3900 hp) eastbound here light. Dean Reinauer (4720 hp) moves westbound under the Bayonne Bridge. Foxy 3 (1600 hp) and […]

Retro Sixth Boro 4

OK, if old songs make for “classic rock,” then old photos of tugboats could be called classic roll or pitch, yaw, or some such. Let’s start with one from March 2008 . . .  American Patriot over NW of Shooters Island as seen from the Port Elizabeth shoreline.  I’ve no idea why she was here […]

Random Tugs 224

What does a 70+ degree temperature day in February in the sixth boro look like?  Well . . . see for yourself.  Cornell light and likely back from a TOAR training, rafts up to Mary Whalen in Atlantic Basin. Along the Brooklyn shore, there was Genesis Glory with GM11105. Brooklyn–ex-Labrador Sea–light was headed for the […]

Random Tugs 192

Genesis Energy likely has more boats on inland waters than offshore.  I saw the first two boats in today’s post first when they had Hornbeck livery. Genesis Victory used to be Huron Service  (and further regression is found at that link) and Genesis Liberty used to be Liberty Service, and here’s more regressions on both. […]