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KVK Dawn 5

All these photos were taken in this order yesterday between 0647 and 0704 EDT.  CMA CGM T. Roosevelt was bound for sea.  As of this moment, she’s off Norfolk waiting to enter the Chesapeake.  If you don’t know, Roosevelt is one of now quite a large number of ULCSs or ULCVs [I’ve read both terms […]

KVK Dawn 4

This light is available for only a few minutes twice a day but then only if the rising or setting sun is not cloud covered.  Humidity existed the other morning too, in advance of the impending rain.  I’m not sure why, but late winter/early spring light seems richer as well, although that may be related […]

KVK Dawn 3

Here were some previous posts with “dawn” in the title.  I’d hoped to get photos like these on Easter Sunday, but  overcast skies obscured the sun rise color. Sunrise this particular morning was 0643.  The photo below was at 0644. Quantico Creek pushes a barge eastward while Stephen Reinauer heads west.   Curtis Reinauer westbound; […]

KVK Dawn 2

When the dawn colors look this good, why stay out with the camera beyond 0800 hrs? It looks that a lot of the signage on Neptune is in Spanish . . . All photos on the weekend by Will Van Dorp, who has returned to the Canal.

KVK Dawn

Doubleclick enlarges.  My day went downhill from about 8:30 a.m.  Not that I had a miserable day; in fact, I got to spend most of it outside in 65 degree sunshine, but dawn has no rival, or at least very few moments can top these, as sunrise brazes the Brooklyn sky and silhouettes Siberian Sea […]

August Morning on the KVK

The dawn sun communed with harbor waters for   about 10 minutes before retreating behind thick cloud, but those few minutes delighted me.  That’s Hellespont Prosperity in background and Margaret Moran headed for the Upper Bay. Thomas D. Witte moved in some dredge equipment, and then looked for a dolphin to hang on.  “Dolphin”  See […]


People often self-describe as “morning person” or “night owl,” and I have utmost respect:  I recognize the orientation as genuine.  If I experience dawn, I know I’ve seen the best time of the day.  In my life I’ve lost loves and faith and moved forward, but if I were banned from ever absorbing another dawn, […]

Vessel Commands

Many thanks to you all who reached out about yesterday’s post.  Let me recap what I’ve learned since taking the photos on Sunday and posting them on Monday.  First, the dock has been returned to Pier 66 on the North River, where it seems to have broken loose Friday.  Sunday in the wee hours it […]

Assists 6

Here goes another 3-fer, three cargo vessels making their way again through the KVK simultaneously.  JRT here at dawn assists orange juice carrier Orange Blossom 2 through the ConHook Range. Jonathan C passes in front of them, returning from assisting another vessel now bound for sea. Right behind the juice carrier is a box ship. […]

Last Hours 2015

One of my (formerly) secret heroes is Guy Noir, secret because I may be revealing too much about myself in admitting that.  But life’s too short to care about drivel like that.   Noir has an office on the 20th floor of the Acme Building in a “city that knows how to keep its secrets,” […]