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KVK Dawn 5

All these photos were taken in this order yesterday between 0647 and 0704 EDT.  CMA CGM T. Roosevelt was bound for sea.  As of this moment, she’s off Norfolk waiting to enter the Chesapeake.  If you don’t know, Roosevelt is one of now quite a large number of ULCSs or ULCVs [I’ve read both terms […]

KVK Dawn 4

This light is available for only a few minutes twice a day but then only if the rising or setting sun is not cloud covered.  Humidity existed the other morning too, in advance of the impending rain.  I’m not sure why, but late winter/early spring light seems richer as well, although that may be related […]

Two Hours on the KVK 4 b

Not surprisingly, a lot of people were out on the boro the other morning:  speeding out to fish, descending from Vukovar–a name slipped out of the news–into the crew boat Emily Miller, sitting watch past BW Shinano, ditto . . . aboard CMA CGM Tancredi, and preparing the heaving line . . . .   […]

Two Hours on the KVK 4 a

I’ve mentioned Heraclitus before here . . . he’s the guy credited with observing that you never step into the same river twice.  It’s certainly true about going to a the Kills with a camera.  Take Saddleback . . .  never seen it before I thought  . . . although on longer reflection, yes I […]

KVK Surprises 2

Surprises can be ranked in degrees.  Here was a surprise . . . people walking way up on the Bayonne Bridge back in 2011.  Ditto here I was looking into a hot tub on the stern of a scrap-carrying bunker (photo#7). The surprises in this post emerge slowly. This PCTC has been on this blog […]

Morning KVK 4

0633 . . . the other morning, a quarter hour after sunrise. 30 seconds later, at a different angle. It’s really about light.         0832  The good light is gone.  Time to move on to something else.   But wait . .  are those the towers of the new Goethals Bridge along […]

KVK Dawn 3

Here were some previous posts with “dawn” in the title.  I’d hoped to get photos like these on Easter Sunday, but  overcast skies obscured the sun rise color. Sunrise this particular morning was 0643.  The photo below was at 0644. Quantico Creek pushes a barge eastward while Stephen Reinauer heads west.   Curtis Reinauer westbound; […]

KVK Square Riggers

Click here to scan the many posts with KVK in the title.  Here’s a new one inspired by arrivals that had many folks, aship and ashore, paying attention. Wavertree is suddenly and lavishly being regaled with sights of 21st century merchant vessels and crew from all over the world are paying attention. And a mile farther […]

KVK Dawn 2

When the dawn colors look this good, why stay out with the camera beyond 0800 hrs? It looks that a lot of the signage on Neptune is in Spanish . . . All photos on the weekend by Will Van Dorp, who has returned to the Canal.

KVK Tourism

And I thought I was a solitary tourist wanting to see the sights here?  I always do bring outatowners here to my “offices” for the scenery. And to think that he too thought a maritime center devoted to contemporary shipping is sorely needed along the busy channels of the sixth boro. First, Noble Maritime IS […]