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Kristin Poling 3

It’s good to see crisp letters, smart paint. This was my first unobstructed view of the boat. as Kristen passes Kirsten.   Here from a year ad a half ago is IMO 9378759 in a previous livery. The previous Kristin Poling has a very long life; click here to see a record of her long […]

Kristin Poling 2

Actually this is Kristin 3, counting the mystery vessel post.  Let’s start in the wheelhouse, aka ship’s office, looking to port.  Notice the gauging equipment, sound-activated telephone, all the manuals. Over on the starboard side below the controls, here’s a closeup of the pushbutton engine order telegraph, which corresponds to this twin in the engine […]

Kristin Poling 1

Harold Tartell got it right, again:  the mystery vessel yesterday was indeed this now retired Kristin Poling (ex-Poughkeepsie Socony  (PS), Mobil New York, Captain Sam).  I’ve posted on her here, here, here, and elsewhere.   Kristin was built just over a mile away in Mariner’s Harbor at United Dry Dock. Here’s a previously unpublished foto […]

Poling and Cutler 3

Let’s start with a routine KVK scene:  l to r, an orange tanker with a neon green stack, a Poling unit, and escort tug Ava M. Compare Fort Schuyler‘s  green and Kimberly Poling‘s green.  But then the frame contains only Kimberly and Kristin. It’s possible that Kimberly was going to do an assist for her […]

Poling and Cutler 2

A lot of time has elapsed since this first installment of this series here. Here Evelyn pushes north with Edwin A. Poling loaded.   And not even a few hours later, Kimberly headed southbound in the same location with Noelle.     All those photos above date from mid-October, but a few days ago, I caught […]

Poling and Cutler

Would  “teal” be the best word to describe this green?  Crystal Cutler and barge Patricia E. Poling have been in the harbor less than six months;  if I round off her time here to the nearest year, her age is zero.   Fleetmate tanker Kristin Poling‘s age is 77 years!    Only recently was Coral Queen, […]


I owe Paul Strubeck for these fotos;  he endured the 2 a.m. cold at Crum Elbow to get them.  Kristin Poling you’ve seen here many times before. I manipulated the fotos, squeezing out some of the darkness, enhancing the little light in the original.  The stem bitt in the lower right belongs to tug Cornell, […]

Retro Sixth Boro 42 B

The bridge photo at the end of part A was of Kristin Poling, right after she’d been taken out of service.  In her long life from 1934 until 2011, she carried the nameplates of Poughkeepsie Socony, Mobil New York, and Captain Sam, before taking on her last name.  Here’s a shot from the bow, and […]

Retro Sixth Boro 39

Grey Shark assisted out of the Kills by Catherine C.  Miller.  Catherine is still working, but Grey Shark has not moved from its berth in Las Caleras DR in almost three and a half years, so it’s safe to assume she won’t be calling in NYC’s sixth boro any more. By the way, July 2011 […]

KVK Concatenation 1

Excuse the obscure word; it’s not one I regularly use, but concatenation, i.e., a series of interconnected things or events, random and unlikely ever to recur, came to mind as I put together this set of photos.  Follow along.  Early one morning recently, Kristin Poling made up to a loaded Eva Leigh Cutler, and Normandy […]