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USTS Kennedy Out

April 6, 2023, 06:31:46 . . . I suppose this’ll be my last image of TS Kennedy.  As of today’s posting, USTS Kennedy (T-AK-5059) callsign KVMU, IMO number 6621662, ex-Velma Lykes and ex-Cape Bon is heading mostly westward and parallel to the Florida Keys, indirectly but inexorably, toward its dismantling. We all have to go some […]

Fading Kennedys

They may be fading, clock ticking until they retire, but they’re still working.  This 277′ x 69′ ferry with limits of 3500 passengers and 40 cars came off the ways in 1965.  New ferries are currently during sea trials down south.  The new ferries will be rated at 4570 passengers and no cars on their […]

Texas A&M Kennedy

I knew TS Kennedy was in the Upper Bay, but I thought I’d just catch her at anchor.  Then I saw a puff of smoke and she came around and met us on a parallel course. I know this is a digression, but don’t these lifeboats look a bit like well-rounded automobile bodies? I got […]

Other Watersheds 7: Reredux

Here was the first redux for the Delaware. Handy Three appeared on this blog almost a decade ago in a different livery and in a different port. Of course, she’s been a Moran tugboat for a half dozen years already.  In the background above, that’s the 1968-commissioned, 2007-decommissioned USS John F. Kennedy.   Several hundred yards […]

The Delaware’s Doomed Ships 3

A relative’s big birthday brought me to Philly for the first time in a long while and afforded a few minutes to look around.  Name that carrier?  I once walked its decks as a visitor more than three decades ago, and have a friend who served aboard . . .  as a journalist in the […]

Orange Government Boats

Look at the Staten Island ferries at St George.  “They all look the same,” I once asserted to bowsprite.  She set me straight.   Right now the second Ollis-class, soon to be newest hull in the boro, is making its way up the Jersey coastline at the end of a towline, its bow and windows boarded […]

Multifarious Traffic Nola

Call this grand finale, third of three on Nola traffic . . .  but of course, that’s contrived; there is no finale except to my reporting.  Powered traffic has operated here since Roosevelt, the great grand uncle and aunt of TR,  Nicholas Roosevelt and Lydia Latrobe Roosevelt, their second arrival there in 1811!  I’d love […]


Talos.  Know the reference?  I didn’t but will share the response at the end of this post.  It’s entirely appropriate for the very automated  and largest in physical size class of container ships to call in the sixth boro, 1211′ loa.  In fact, another ship of the class is recognized as being (in 2019) as […]

Requiem 1

August 2021.  Samatha Miller follows the channel just north of the Staten Island Yankees stadium.  Note today’s skyline. 1970.  The rest of these photos I share thanks to Steve Munoz. Note the early night skyline here shows the Towers under construction. 1970 Dalzelleagle in the Buttermilk Channel passing USCG cutters tied up alongside Governors Island.  […]

Names 45

Credits at the bottom . . . I took none of these photos. Above and below . . . CMA CGM Jules Verne is the second 16k + teu vessel to call in the sixth boro.  She arrived at night and she departed at night.  Another interesting feature of this Explorer-class CMA CGM vessel is […]