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Thanks to Jan Van Der Doe 3

Here are some previous posts with photos from Jan. So here’s the tugboat, just out of the shipyard near the Arctic Circle and at work, the last in a series of five identical anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) vessels bringing more than 23000 hp to the job. This job starts in the Princess Arianehaven.  And what’s […]

Thanks to Jan van der Doe 2

If you’ve yet to make your first trip to the Netherlands and you’re interested in tugboats, then Maassluis in one of a handful of must-see places.    Jan van der doe went there recently and sent these.  I was there last year and got some of the same photos, just two months later in the […]

Thanks to Jan van der Doe

“I have worked on two salvage tugs,” writes Jan.  “The first one, Hercules in 1957-1958, was a seagoing salvage-tug/icebreaker built in 1943 for the German Air Force/Navy to salvage plane wrecks in the Baltic Sea.  After the war the tug sailed for Bugsier and came under the Dutch flag in 1950.  In 1984 [ as Temi IV] […]

Oh! Oleander!

Oleander has been a regular in the sixth boro since 1990.  It’s so regular that I’d not take photos of it, much of the time;  it’s as regular as Staten Island ferries departing on the top and bottom of the hour, as regular as crocuses in spring or NYC Marathons in early November. Technically, it’s […]

Fishing January 2018

A surprising feature of the sixth boro in winter is the fishing, dragging for clams.  And many thanks to Steve Turi for sending along this article about this fishery from north Here are some previous winters’ posts about these boats.  And right about exactly eight years ago, I saw the greatest concentration of fishing […]


Here was a related post, Yano, watched by John Watson and me simultaeously and from different vantage points, each of us unbeknownst to the other. Before the snow and cold hit this past week, actually Wednesday Jan 4, I was tipped off about an impending BDD dry dock exit in Bayonne.  And when James E. Brown […]

Port of Havana 1

Click on the photo below to learn more about it, taken in late January 118 years ago. Here’s that same location last week.  Sorry about holding the camera crooked;  if I straighten it out now, the 1845 lighthouse disappears. The guys sitting on the seawall to the extreme left are tour bus drivers.  Did you […]

USACE Tenders

I’m putting these photos up although I know little about these boats, starting with Pennsgrove.  Her lines would make a great cruiser.   A similar vessel in the sixth boro is Hudson.  Again, all I’ve learned is that she was built in 1963 and loa is 50.’ This last photo I took on January 14, […]

Eastern Welder

I first had a photo of Eastern Welder here in a post from almost 7 years ago.  And I had the photo below all lined up back on the first day of the season, but I snapped it after my subject had left the frame.  Oh well, I put this here to show what the […]


Whatzit in this study?  Where is this library?  (Note:  Doubleclick enlarges most fotos.) It depends.  Monday under a sky itching to rain the library was here as this vessel wandered in through Hell Gate, and made her way between Gracie Mansion and Astoria and then past Roosevelt Island and Upper Bay-bound on the East River, […]