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If something seems familiar about the profile and color combination of the vessel below, well, you saw it here and here in the graving dock some months back. I had thought by now it’d be at sea, but . . . it clings to the dock just west of Robbins Reef. Newark Bay Bridge is […]


Let us go then, you and I, With the dock cranes spread out against the sky Like a patient etherized upon a table, and ITB blocked in the graving dock…. My apologies to T. S. Eliot, but let’s continue our anatomical study of this vessel. Refresh your memory of the first post here. While examining […]


as in “integrated tug-barge,” as distinguished from “articulated tug-barge,” now in greater favor. Here’s the tug Philadelphia uncoupled in GMD drydock from its intimate partner barge. Yes, that’s a tug. For a sense of scale, watch the self-propelled crane aka “man basket” at floor of dry dock. Yes, there is a dock worker in the […]

Thanks to George Schneider 2

George Schneider regularly sends me photos, comments on posts, and shares lots of info on all manner of vessels.   Here was the first installment.  I owe it to him to catch up a bit on his photos. Including ITB Groton in the post yesterday prompts me to start here, with ITB Moku Pahu. When […]

Retro Sixth Boro 8

One satisfying thing to me about these retro posts is noticing how much the local fleet has changed.  All these photos I took in November 2008.  Coral Queen was scrapped at least eight or nine years ago.  Maersk Donegal has had two name changes since 2008, now know as Santa Priscila, and no longer calls […]

Presque Isle: Thousand-footer ATB

For starters, a question:  how is this pronounced . . . rhyming with “wheel” or “while”?  I’ve already been told each is the correct one.   Erie Trader is a big ore carrier, but Presque Isle is larger, with capacity of 57,500 tons! For comparison, that’s twice the capacity of Edmund Fitzgerald.  Anyone know her […]

Port of Erie PA 1

The port of Erie is protected behind an “almost island” called Presque Isle, pronounced in French to rhyme with “wheel.”  Click on the map to interact with it. So guess which “laker” was behind Presque Isle the other day?  Presque Isle, of course, and that’s the name of both the tug and barge.  Both parts […]

Really Random Tugs 41

Sea Power has been lurking in and around the sixth boro the past few days, and I will continue trying to get some good photos of her, but on 9-22-16 Jack Ronalds up at the Canso Canal caught these photos of her as she headed into Lake Erie to pick up her barge constructed in […]

Random Tugs 214

. . . a sixth boro set on a day that was predicted to bring rain.  When I first saw the photo below, I thought the McAllister tug was assisting a DonJon unit? A few seconds later it was clear that Alex was overtaking the slower Paul Andrew.   Dr. Milton Waner–named for a plastic […]

Random Ships *6

Off in the distance, I believe those lights are Greys Reef and Skillagalee . . . and the ship is another 1000-footer named for an Indiana port.  Maybe it’s the time of day, but I think I see the iron ore dust on the white paint. Getting back to my invented  TTT unit (twenty-ton trailer), […]