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Retro Sixth Boro NYC Tugboat Races 6

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve not been to the Great North River Tugboat Race since 2014, but in normal times, September 5 would see the next race.  But we’ve dispensed with the “normal times” concept for the time being. In selecting the batch for this post, I wanted splash, froth, bubbles, and the effervescence […]

Road Fotos 43

The photo below I took almost two years ago . . . the mouth of the Richelieu.  Enter here and you’ll get to Lake Champlain, and of course anywhere in the contiguous watery world. But the rest of the photos here I took along the right bank of the St Lawrence, driving northeast between the […]

1934 Motor Lifeboat Odyssey 1

I first mentioned this boat here, and included photos taken from it on the Columbia River here. The following story and photos are a real treat. They come from Glen Cathers, whose retirement projects include restoring the 36′ motor lifeboat you see below.  This article from an October 2016 issue of the Dalles Chronicle tells […]

1960s “future” that wasn’t

I wonder what kids now 12 or 13 imagine as part of their future, their 2050s, 60s,  and beyond.  I expected the beginning of the 20th century to bring flying cars, routine trips among the planets, and a whole different looking fleet than what we have.  Of course, who knows if what we have and will have is […]

Port of Boston 1

Back last November, I devoted a whole month to ports and harbors.  As I get new material, I’ll continue that series.   Here Boston’s latest fireboat passes in front of Logan’s control tower. Here’s her namesake. Massport has its own fireboat, American United.  Its predecessor–Howard W. Fitzpatrick— was the subject of several tugster posts as […]

Sixth Boro Hydrofoil

There was a time when I was a boy . . . I thought that hydrofoils would dominate the future.  They didn’t.  My question is:  does anyone recall a hydrofoil operating in the waters around greater NYC?  This just in from a jolly tar, a British film clip that alludes to but seems not to […]

Sixth Boro Hydrofoil 2

Today near Meadow Lake there’s a convergence of dragons . . . similar to but maybe bigger than the one I documented here five years ago. A half century ago, that lake was the site of the World’s Fair.  And the three images that follow are stills clipped from a short video called Sinclair (as […]


Back in the late 1980s a friend and I drove northeast from the “top” of New Hampshire to get away and enjoy seeing the magic of Quebec. Following the southernish bank of the St. Lawrence on Route #132, we stumbled onto a maritime museum whose marquee then was a superfast experimental Candian hydrofoil, the FHE400 […]