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Congestion 5

Sometimes the sixth boro gets crowded, as you can see from these posts.  This post tries to show that, but keep in mind that foreshortening makes these vessels seem closer than they are–the two ships below are more than a mile apart.  Keep in mind also that a water channel is a dynamic medium, current […]

East River Traffic 2

Here was the first in this series.  Let’s go to a different location on the East River, and I know I’m late coming to this story, but it’s an exciting one.  Hunts Point is now receiving regular cement shipments, by ship via the East River.  Shipments originate at Port Daniel Gascons, QC. Here under the […]

Seats of Power 3

Just when I thought I had no more photos for another installment of “seats,” uh . .  more appear.  This arrangement of seating in this Erie Canal tug has to win a prize.  I can’t tell which lock it is, nor (I believe) can Bob Graham, who sent it in.  The captain on the Feeney […]

GHP&W 27

Know this water, more of a waterway than a harbor?  The distant buildings are a clue.  See the one just left of the center of bridge center, needle thin? Here’s another clue . . . the structure near the right side of the photo, like an old time gas station pump? Or this one left […]


Here was GUP 3, and here was one GUP-related post since then, about the sale of a peer of the vessel below.  In case you don’t check the links and are wondering what GUP is, it’s my neologism for “gross universal product,” AKA sewage.  I’m doing this post now as a complement to my article […]


Here were 1 and 2 of this series, and here was a much earlier post about NYC DEP’s essential service. Below is North River and Hunts Point as seen from Rockaway. Port Richmond heads into Hell’s Gate, Red Hook in the distance and Port Richmond passing by, and finally all three new boats with Red Hook […]


. . . my latest coined term . . . for which the acronym GUP lends itself is  . . . gross universal product, i.e. what’s transported in vessels like these.  And it really is “universal,” as evidenced by a Hong Kong vessel like this.   That it is gross . . . let me […]

Tale of Two Bows

North River entered service in 1974. Hunts Point entered the sixth boro sludge trade in February 2014.  My my my . . . how the design has evolved! Photos by Will Van Dorp. Here and here are previous sludge tanker posts.  Here are pics from five years ago when sludge tanker Red Hook began service.

GWA1: Narragansett Bay to the Sixth Boro

GWA stands “go[ing] west again,”  the next set of posts all attempting to catch myself and maybe you up, if you’re following along, with random and I hope interesting photos from the past almost three weeks.  I realize that catching up is impossible, and in this case while I had vacated the sixth boro, big […]