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Balls on Hulls

Thanks to Ashley Hutto, I started on this path a month ago.  Notice the equipment just beyond the H-bitt and slightly toward the capstan? The same equipment can be found on this $161 million stationary vessel on the East River:  the orange ring and net seems to be to the right and several balls can […]

Tale of Two Hulls 3

Being somewhat bored in rainy inland Georgia this morning, I thought to look through my drafts and found this . . . unfinished . . . from almost a year ago.  Enjoy.  Two years ago, I compared schooner hulls.  Be forewarned . . . some poignant fotos are here. This hull reminds me of a […]

Tale of Two Hulls 2

I first used this title a bit over two years ago in relation to two museum vessels whose status is currently challenged.  Click here for a new blog dedicated to saving the fleet languishing at South Street Seaport;  May Day’s not been transmitted there yet. High and dry, per plan . . . and  a […]

Tale of Two Hulls

Lettie first touched water in the Essex River of Essex, Massachusetts in 1893.  Her  hull  (125′ loa x 21′ x almost 11′ draft)  evolved through scores of  schooners pre-dating her to operate in the Atlantic fishery. In 1885 Pioneer (102′ x 22 x 4.5′) launched into the Delaware River, shoal-draft to allow hauling sand off […]

Hulls as Flags

Kudos to Brian: see his comment to the left on the “lassoing polar bears” and Ernestina connection. See another New York connection with Ernestina here. The first scheduled trans-Atlantic packet service ran between New York and Liverpool 190 years ago, the Black Ball Line, marked by its flag: a black ball on a red field. […]

Newest Hull in the Sixth Boro 7

She first came through bit over a month ago, but I missed her.  But two days ago, I had no work,  a coin or two in my pocket and nothing to interest me on shore,  I decided to do my Otis Redding thing, and look at the watery world  . . . Seeing this new […]

Random Tugs 281

Denali arrived in the sixth boro for the first time about three years ago, and I compared her with a fleet mate here. I believe that fleet mate is now scrapped. If you’ve never seen a tug out of the water, here’s a sense of that.  I’ve done other “dry hulls” photos, as you can […]

Road Fotos 44

The 11% grade, per road signs, leads to a strawberry vendor if you make the left and a ferry dock if you follow all the way down to the Saint Lawrence.  See the two ferries in the distance?  Click here for a view from roughly the same location in March two years ago. Ferry Joseph […]

High and Dry 10

Here are previous posts in this series.  Other titles with the word hulls can be found here. I’ve taken all these photos since the start of 2019.  The one below is a leap forward:  that’s my first view of the 1912 hull of the oft-mentioned tug I know as Grouper.  This might be the year […]

Retro Sixth Boro 7

Here are the previous installments.  Today’s photos all were taken in August–October2008. Let’s start with part of the line-up for the 2008 tugboat race. If I’m not mistaken, the only boat left standing, as is, in this photo is St. Andrews, fourth from the left. Escort, a Jakobson boat, is currently laid up. Sea Raven, […]