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Arthur Tickle Engineering Works

Arthur Tickle Engineering Works (ATEW) is now gone, but other marine service businesses (MSBs) remain.  I’ve long thought to do a series of posts about the MSBs like Caddells, GMD, Bayonne Drydock, Hughes Marine . . . and many others.  A while back, Steve Munoz sent these along, and it’s taken me a bit to […]

Ferry Fuel

Indulge me a little misdirection first..  So you suppose the Hughes 130 is loaded with ferry fuel? I thought the tug here is Little C, but this one is too small.  Anyone identify? Eastern Dawn is a regular in the sixth boro, and [oh, go back to the top photo and you’ll see Eastern Dawn […]

Retro Sixth Boro 23

Coastline Girls and many other names including Gage Paul Thornton and  ST-497, the 1944-build now sleeps deep in Davy Jones locker,  and was not an intentional reefing. It’s been a while since I last saw Mcallister Sisters, shown here passing the Esopus Meadows light.  If I’m not mistaken, she’s currently based in Baltimore. Ten years […]

Specialized 24

Neither the lines nor the color scheme is typical.   To briefly digress, that load of vehicles on the VZ Bridge is all too typical for this time of day. Shelia Bordelon has been off the south shore of Long Island for the past month or so. I could have put this post into the […]

Random Tugs 256

This Bob Hill OT/B creation juxtaposes well with the ever-changing skyline of lower Manhattan, as seen from the East River. Meredith C. is timing her eastbound trip with a fair tide through the Gate. Catching the same tide, it’s Evening Star. Farther SW, Gracie M. makes her way around Bergen Point. Evening Breeze is a […]

Union Dry Dock Disunion

Click on the photo below and you’ll see where this photo of part of the hoboken riverfront looked like in 1955. Union Dry Dock and Repair was the setting for a 1979 Blondie music video that you can watch by clicking on the photo.  Actually, a lot of 1979 Hoboken marine industry is visible on […]

Merrily Merry 2015

If there’s a shortage of any kind of stuff these days, there seems to be a dire scarcity of compassion, tolerance,  . . .  So it doesn’t matter what you believe or don’t believe, I’m sure we have common ground in thinking we need peace on Earth and goodwill towards everyone, especially this year.  That’s what […]

Random Tugs 152

The Cornell (1950) with Clearwater (1969) on Hughes 141 photos come with thanks to Glenn Raymo.  The Hudson Valley is particularly beautiful this time of year, especially if you catch it in the right light, which of course is true everywhere. The other tugboats and landscapes in this post are mine.  In the KVK, Sarah Ann (2003) passes […]

Fog 16

When Walter’s building looks like this in the center of the island, the sixth boro looks like this.   Here Ava Jude pushes a Hughes barge past Ruth M. Reinauer wedded to RTC 102. Eastern Welder fishes as Emma Miller services Asphalt Star. Wolf River does hydrographic work while Chesapeake Coast lighters Elixir, and just beyond Amazon […]

Along Bayou Lafourche Again 2

Thanks much for the encouragement;  here’s another set of photos.  Actually, if you follow the Bayou nearly to the end, you’ll be here in Port Fourchon at the entrance to one of the southernmost roads in Louisiana.  This post will be mostly a photo album. As you’ll notice in the following photos, certain colors dominate here. […]