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Above the Highlands 1

On this day, the area where the Hudson enters the highlands looked every bit the fjord that it technically is.  I took these photos and was remembering ones sent by Richard Hudson of southern Chile, here. It’s Breakneck Ridge on the left and Storm King Mountain on the right, with West Point academy buildings in […]

Hudson Downbound ’18b

Pre-foliage spring is optimal time for seeing the landmarks along the Hudson.  This one is near Wilderstein (scroll), but I’d never seen it before. Esopus Meadows cannot be missed either down bound or up.  Get on the wrong side, and you’ll regret ever being here. Click here for tugster posts showing the light in all […]

Ice Work on the Hudson 2

Here was the first in the series five years ago.   Allen Baker took this photo of Thunder Bay last Friday near Newburgh.  Four thousand horsepower can get you nowhere sometimes in conditions like these.  It’s hard for me to believe I may never have posted a photo of WTGB 108 on this blog. Foreground . . . […]

Hudson Downbound ’13b

To start part 2, I’ll go back upriver a bit to Esopus Island.  Craig Eric Reinauer with RTC 103 is anchored to the south.  Much of the Hudson has  associated with some unusual characters, both in fiction and in real life.  Esopus Island is no exception:  about a century ago it was the magical hideaway […]

Da Ming Shan Redux

  Did I remember I’d seen her before in the same estuary and in the same time of year? No, but I had. Did I know the difference between bitumen and asphalt? No.  But now I do. Keeping a daily blog of my sights and evolving understanding of them brings wonder.  Did I know the […]

Whatzit 37

Here are previous posts in this “whatzit” series, the most recent being components of The Vessel. So what’s this craft below? Well, back in September 2010, she was excursion vessel Commander running into the Hudson Highlands out of Haverstaw.  She nearly made it to 100 years in various excursion assignments after being launched in North […]

Short Black Ships

A week ago, I posted this foto (last one scrolling through) and asked where it was taken.   Answer is Brazil.  And the relationship to this foto is what?  Buchanan 12 was built 1972 in Louisiana, but the black ship in the foreground handmade with woods such as olanje, jaquera, pau oleo . . . […]

Waterford 2009 Details

A truckable tug named Mame Faye and her tow anchor outside the current near the confluence of the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers.  Idyllic . . .  serene, sleepy upstate river banks .  . . eh?  She’ll be back. Here tugs Empire and Shenandoah tie up on the opposite bank of Mame Faye and along the […]

Meditations K

Tugster can now move from the “silent” era to “talkies,” and what better way to inaugurate this to showcase Cornell leaving Krevey’s Pier (aka Pier 66) on a bright July morning and demonstrating only two of its seven voices.  First you’ll hear the New York Central #6 chime and then the “peanut whistle,” a high-pitched toot, […]

Whatzit 2

A mentor in Vermont researches sasquatch legends in the ravines of the Green Mountains.  Sasquatch did not come to mind last week when I espied this figure atop a Hudson cliff; rather I thought of ghosts or at least a Washington Irving mountainman of the sort that bedeviled my ancestor Rip van Winkle‘s head with […]