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Hudson Downbound ’18b

Pre-foliage spring is optimal time for seeing the landmarks along the Hudson.  This one is near Wilderstein (scroll), but I’d never seen it before. Esopus Meadows cannot be missed either down bound or up.  Get on the wrong side, and you’ll regret ever being here. Click here for tugster posts showing the light in all […]

Hudson Downbound ’18a

Here’s a Hudson down bound set of three posts I did five years ago, in a different season. This trip starts at Scarano’s just south of Albany, where a crew picked up excursion boat Kingston for delivery to Manhattan.   Last fall after delivery up bound, I posted these landmarks. Spirit of Albany (1966), operated […]

Canal Motor Ship Project A

Let’s start with some of the tanker ships that worked the Barge Canal, and these are in chronological order by build date.  One that I found no images of in the archives was Buffalo Socony, built in 1920, which I saw when I first came to the sixth boro as Coral Queen. See also here. […]

Hudson Downbound ’13c

In this final installment about this trip downbound I took last Sunday, I’ll jump back north to Newburgh, where Staten Island ferry Gov. Herbert H. Lehman is less substantial than in this foto from summer’s start.  Lehman is an example of a vessel  that goes upriver, literally, never to return . . . although I realize […]

Hudson Downbound ’13b

To start part 2, I’ll go back upriver a bit to Esopus Island.  Craig Eric Reinauer with RTC 103 is anchored to the south.  Much of the Hudson has  associated with some unusual characters, both in fiction and in real life.  Esopus Island is no exception:  about a century ago it was the magical hideaway […]

Hudson Downbound ’13a

As I scrambled away from the train, Meredith C. Reinauer ruffled the glassy calm of the river at the Rondout  Light.  Here long ago the Delaware and Hudson Canal completed its 108-mile journey from coal country to what was then the fast river transport to sixth boro coal market. And here waiting for me was […]

Chancellor 1

Chancellor . . . built pre-World War 2 in Brooklyn.  This post is timed to satisfy a request from Bob Price  . . . as follows:  “as part of a group working to restore the tug boat Chancellor, I am trying to find any extant engineering documentation regarding her construction details.  Built by Bushey & […]


Practitioners of the culinary magic called “nouvelle cuisine”  have created the “amuse-bouche,” some mini-morsel intended by the chef to surprise and … well, amuse you.  Back when I lived in francophone Africa and spoke only French in all the moods and situations of my life, I learned the crasser word “amuse-gueule”   (gueule being snout […]

Ice Out

A week into spring, with ice long gone from the mid-Hudson and  a forecast for rain,  Bowsprite and I decided no better time offered itself to go north from the sixth boro.  Along the way, river traffic charmed us with  hide-and-seek in the blurs, like this unidentified Bouchard unit upbound or Norwegian Sea in the […]

Random Ship 5

The previous “random ship,” a juice tanker, travelled outbound yesterday mere hours before the crane ship entered. Curses on my timing for missing good fotos. I missed all the skinnydippers too! Any how, name the bridge below? The bulker is Federal Yoshino. Your guesses on her ownership given that name? A clue about the bridge: […]