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Whatzit 46

I’ll get back to pretty wooden boats, but first . . . what’s this?  I missed its first pass, but the sound led me to check AIS, where I saw it was doing 33 kts . . . Does Sipu Muin mean anything to you? But here she is . . .CCGS Sipu Muin, an […]

Meanwhile on the Thames

Oops, I pushed the wrong button, so let me finish this now. This Thames rhymes with “games,” Thames, not the other one. This shot encompasses the most eclectic set of vessels ever gathered in an acre of water. Here it’s framed even closer:  two schooners, a fiberglass center console runabout, a fast catamaran ferry, and […]

East River Mystery 4

Here are previous posts in this series. And this set comes from Mike Abegg, whose photos have been used here previously.   Check this out.  All I know about the yellow vessel is that it looks like a Griffon 1000TD. Anyone know the whences and whose . . . inquiring minds wish to know. Thanks to […]

Other Peoples Photos 30

Today’s photos come compliments of Michael Torres, who previously shared this and this.  Michael . .  great to hear from you and get a glimpse of the west coast city of San Diego . . . And who’s being feted here? It’s Reuben Lasker, a Wisconsin product and brand new NOAA fisheries research vessel getting a […]