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Thanks to Tony Acabono 31

To follow up on my “inconsistent post-entitling” comment from yesterday, this could be Tony A 31, at least, given all his previous contributions here under a variety of noms de keyboard. For starters, here’s another closeup of Highland Eagle. Last summer the boat was contracted to survey an area near the Straits of Mackinac for […]

Exotics Convergence

Polling has not yet ended, the clock goes on for two more days now, since I got a bunch of votes last night. With all certainty, though, polls will close on December 21 . . .  earlier if two days elapse without a single new vote.  Your votes and suggestions –in comments and in emails–have […]

MB 2019 B

Yesterday’s post covered some of the Wisconsin side of Lake Michigan.  Today it’s the Straits of Mackinac and part of the top of Lakes Huron. Mesabi Miner headed for the mills at the south of Lake Michigan.   Great Republic passed between Mackinac Island and Round Island. The following morning’s sunrise put golden colors on […]

Sixth Boro Close Ups 4

Here are previous installments, the last of which I did in 2011. The idea here is just photos.  For identification, there’s text on the images and in the tags. Morning light enhances the mostly thorough coating of steel with bright paint colors.         Next stop Belford for Midnight.  Too bad I don’t […]

Exotics 19

I counted a dozen wind farm and other offshore construction project-related vessels in a triangle defined by NYC, Nantucket, and Atlantic City.  These are vessels of a sort not previously seen here, or rarely seen here.   Two of them came in through the Narrows yesterday just in front of the 2020 tropical storm Fay.  The […]

Specialized 25

[Specialized] vessels don’t push or tow or transport cargo per se.  They are tools with a variety of applications, as diverse as the tools in a professional mechanic’s chest, in an entire full service garage, in fact. Ocean Researcher has appeared here before, but not escorted by a tug, as James D. Moran is doing […]

Waterbloggers 3.1

Teaser:  When you get to the last foto in this post, you’ll see a foreign icebreaker operating on the Hudson, but I believe the assigned registry is wrong. I almost called this “maritime monday morning after ….”    I’d rather think of it as a fashion shoot given the sopping right side of my middleparts […]