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High and Dry: Caddells 4

The “4” here refers to the dry dock, not the fourth post in this series.  The last post on Caddell  was Something Different 57.  And in the “high and dry” series, this would be number 11.  I’m just trying to anchor this post in the previous body of work. Also, I believe this dry dock […]

High and Dry 10

Here are previous posts in this series.  Other titles with the word hulls can be found here. I’ve taken all these photos since the start of 2019.  The one below is a leap forward:  that’s my first view of the 1912 hull of the oft-mentioned tug I know as Grouper.  This might be the year […]

High and Dry 9

Here was 8. Do you recognize these vessels?  At the moment I write this, both are working together to escort in NYK Meteor. In the drydock earlier this year . . . Joan Turecamo and the other? This one is unmistakeable.  A year ago she was preparing to steam all night inside the sixth boro […]

High and Dry 8

Here was 7. Below . . . that’s Weddell Sea, last here (second foto from last) in green.  Seeing a vessel like this is not unlike “doctor’s office” nekkid . . . so much more is revealed, and I don’t mean just physical. To see many more fotos of her afloat, click here. Amy Moran–telescoped-up-house– was […]

More Ambrose High and Dry 2

Birk took these waterside fotos the better part of a week ago.  It took me a while to figure out the “color” of the mushroom anchor at the bow. Plastic wrap I conclude, but that could be erroneous.  Ambrose certainly is full-bodied with a low center of gravity. For purposes of comparison, I’ve put up […]

More Ambrose High and Dry

Just in case you’ve forgotten how Ambrose looked last week, here’s then . . . and here’s today.  These fotos come from John Watson, who has been photographing the sixth boro for almost 40 years!  Here are his fotos of Ambrose from late December. According to John, this bottom is not only more attractive but […]

High and Dry 7

Here was H & D 6. Thanks to Stuart, Harold, and “Ann O’Numess”  for identifying the Kosnac tug steaming past Riker’s in Carlito’s Way.  Here’s a foto I took three years ago, and below I took of Dorothy Elizabeth (1951)  in Tottenville a month ago.  Might she really already be slivers of scrap? Hercules (1963), […]

Pegasus High and Dry 2

I could say a skinny man fell through the hole in the prop and tumbled in Alice-in-Wonderland adventures, leaving only his hard hat as clue to his whereabouts.  But that improbable tale has already been told and retold. The truth is . . . obviously this is Pegasus prop. And what a thing of beauty […]

Pegasus High and Dry

Initially I wrote this as a “mystery tug” post.   After a day or so, I changed the title here to “Pegasus High and Dry” since she’s well-known in the sixth boro.  She’s in Caddell’s drydock for a repair involving the tailshaft. To remove the tailshaft, a “portal” gets cut from the rudder.  Notice the […]

High and Dry 6

The last time I used this title , which starts with this foto of the elegant New York Central No. 13, was a half year ago.  How can this be?  And No. 13, how will these elegant  nineteenth century curves glide as she cleaves the Kills? Amber Waves . . . evocative name, but wouldn’t […]