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L’Hermione & Independence Day

First, for a focused statement on the importance of this vessel and Lafayette on US independence, click here  . . . from a Portland Maine publication.   More on Lafayette, click here, but skip the partisan dribble in paragraphs 3–6.  Also, here. Most of the photos in this post I took on July 1, by […]

More L’Hermione Arrives in the Sixth Boro

So I’m going to do at least three posts on L’Hermione. Escort tug James Turecamo closes in. The final leg to South Street Seaport Pier 15. I missed photos of the perfect smoke rings in the salute. Pier 15’s design allows a large welcome party. Can someone explain the uniforms of the two sailors, one […]

L’Hermione Arrives in the Sixth Boro

Back in March, I posted these photos taken by Xtian Herrou.  Xtian . ..  today I return the favor.  Tomorrow too. Tricoleur is hosted at the stern. Gunners prepare the guns for the salute. Hands hook the anchor ring for further hoisting.   James Turecamo delivers a docking pilot just off the French Statue.   […]

Checking Back 2015 b

Picking up this retrospective post with the beginning of May 2015, it’s a nearly 40-year-old and tired Barents Sea, waiting then as now for what’ll likely be a “fish habitat” future. The end of May saw Quantico Creek move Mary Whalen to its public space over in Atlantic Basin.  Was there a docking pilot calling it […]

A Slew of Sail

There’s winter sail, spring sail, and autumn sail.  And today I’m just staying inside culling photos.   Since moving by wind has been around for millennia, Pioneer is a relatively modern vessel. This vessel below can be “insanely fast.” I took this photos and ones that follow back on May 11, 2015 in Morris Canal. Here’s […]

Random Tugs 145

I will be back tomorrow with close-ups of L’Hermione and more, but Bjoern of New York Media Boat sent me the very intriguing photo below.  Recognize it?  Answer follows.  Clue:  Elizabeth Anna. Well, L’Hermione  (pronounced LAIR me un) will find her way into more of these photos.  Here’s the venerable W. O. Decker.  Click and scroll […]

Other Peoples Photos 45

Today’s photos come from Xtian Herrou.  See the tug over there, the one the sailor in red must be looking at?  By the way, I’ve posted Xtian’s photos here and here before.  The rigging that dominates the photo below propels a vessel that will be making a stop in the sixth boro this coming summer. […]