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No Jokin’ Hell Gate

Hell Gate conjures up strong associations, whether you go with the English derivation or the Dutch one.  I don’t go there enough to get photos.  But today, Joker brought Weeks 551 through the Gate, and I was there to record it.   It is truly an ever changing set of turbulences.        On a […]

Hell Gate Traffic 1

Hell Gate has to be one of the most storied waterways in the sixth boro.  How could I have mostly ignored it so long?!! The other day I caught Vinik No. 6 and Liz Vinik westbound  through that section of the East River.   In the background, that’s the Bronx. An indicator of current is […]

LCM through Hell Gate

I had a notice, so when the LCM came around the bend, I was waiting.  This LCM I knew well from Jake Van Reenen operated it for barging in the Seaway areas of the 1000 Islands and Lake Ontario. The 1000 Islands is a very different environment than this, the East River headed into Hell […]


Magothy has worked for a decade and a half already, but I caught her on the East River yesterday, first eastbound to pick up barge Double Skin 59, and then return it westbound through Hell Gate.  I’ve done several dozen posts about names, mostly vessel names, but Hell Gate is certainly one of the mythic […]

Patrice McAllister 2

The backdrop for Patrice and the barge that wants to go its own way is the Bronx. It’s under the Hell Gate RR Bridge, and past the WIWTP, which has its own fleet. I may have seen GT Bulkmaster before, but this is the first time to “see” it. It appears to yaw one way […]

East River Catch Up 6

Let’s get back to some Pete Ludlow photos.  Co Morgan has such a long history of names going back to 1951 1965, I’m just going to paste it in here.   A high vantage point helps convey appreciation for the train of three Mister Jim tows through Hell Gate.  Ditto Navigator.  From this perspective, her smart […]

East River Catch Up 7

Pete Ludlow’s photos have shown a variety of vessel traffic near Hell Gate.  Here’s a whimsical set, not really work boats for a day I’m having a hard time working or even thinking about working. Who knew the variety of traffic here?!! There has to be a story here, and photos are said to be […]

Old Hulls, Old and New Names 2

I can’t say if more than unusual number of changes are in fact happening these days, or if my radars are set to detect change.  In either case, I privilege novelty on this blog, so here we go, the first of the series. April 2016 this was Ellen S. Bouchard alongside Bouchard Boys. Also in […]

Other Peoples Photos 99

I could call this “from the Astorian cliffs high above the East River near Hell Gate” . . . photos by Pete Ludlow. Remember this post from January . . . ? Here are shots from the starboard side, and with all those tanks, I’d say this confirms that that is a hyperbaric chamber getting […]

Random Tugs 370

Bet you can guess where that line leads from the bow of Kirby Moran? Here you go. Jordan Rose has been tied up in Bayonne for a while, but Gregg McAllister passes her on the way to an assist. Michael Miller is one of the venerable tugs of the sixth boro, having worked here since […]