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More Cargoes 27

Tugboats move quite the variety of materials around the boro on barges.  The brand spanking new J. Arnold Witte here moves Delaware Bay, a bucket dredge.  Doris Moran moves containers around the boro much quicker than trucks can. I had to throw this in  . . . a late 1950s Chevy pickup was moving a […]

Second Lives 34

A year ago I posted some photos of Charles Burton in the last days before being painted anew.  She still had the Vane Brothers livery although the blue V on the stack had been removed. This past weekend I caught the same boat, now called Helen, in the distance but from roughly the same angle.  […]

Random Tugs 344

There’s lots of lifting capacity here, but no towing or pushing capacity. Philadelphia passes the Manhattan skyline solo. From the west, Justine and Jonathan head for a job.   Magothy passes Helen Laraway, Cape Lookout, and Lois Ann L. Moran.  There’s a progression here . . .  more tugboats in this photo than in the […]

Random Tugs 333

Mackenzie Rose and Paul Andrew are eastbound, and Mary Turecamo, westbound.   A light Haggerty Girls westbound, passing Laurie Ann Reinauer. Kimberly Poling moves a barge out of the Kills.   A bulker in the anchorage gets bunkered by Kings Point.  Katya Atk needs to repaint the name on the starboard bow. And Helen Laraway […]

Gravesend Spring

Sailors come out of hibernation to catch some breezes. Container ships head south to shuffle containers elsewhere. Aggregate work goes on as it does all year round. Shearwater continues to plumb the bottom terrain.   They all meet up somewhere…     but a better lens than mine catches it. All photos, WVD, who loves […]

Random Tugs 327

I recall my first time seeing the KVK, astonished by the density of commercial traffic.  Of course, I’d just come from northern New England’s freshwater meandering rivers, surfable sandy coastlines, and marsh creeks.  Patrice steamed westbound, light, Kimberly eastbound, Josephine, Daisy Mae, moving a half acre of scows… Helen Laraway, Daisy Mae again a few […]

Spring Morning Hour 1

The light could not have been more beautiful as I swooped into the boro, metaphorically speaking:  Peace Victoria in the foreground, Coral Queen (not the other Coral Queen) loading scrap mid-distance, and that ridge the Watchung Mountains defining a horizon.  Note the Tsereteli monolith mid left margin of the photo. Closer than Peace Victoria, Zola […]

People on the Boro 30

Spring, for a few more weeks, means it’s no longer winter.  Warmer temperatures bring mariners out, to clean glass, to plan the docking procedure, to flake out the lines, to retireve the boom . . . although these boom guys have to be out all year round, as do all the crew above. Spring temperatures […]

Random Tugs 345

If you’ve never hung out at any of the public places on the KVK and you’re interested in tugboats or shipping in general, you are missing something. The Upper Bay is a busy place also. M Faber Park is a great place when it’s open. You get views of the Bayonne Bridge and the east […]

Random Tugs 314

 . . .and barges, of course.  Someone or something has to pay the bills.  This unique bow is the leading edge of RTC 135, 460′ x 72.5′ here building up a lot  of water, getting moved along by Nicole Leigh Reinauer.  They both date from 1999. Crystal Cutler, always a joy to see, moves a […]