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Gypsum 3

Coyote has generously given permission to use these life at sea fotos taken on the runs between Nova Scotia and Hudson River ports as well as other locations along eastern US. Imagine coming aboard and facing this crew. Would you think this something other than a gypsum carrier? How many nanosecond would a prospective pirate […]

Gypsum Bulker 2

or stuffed canard a vapeur in winter.  I never imagined shovels on a self-unloading bulk carrier, one that loaded 18,000 tons in the three hours at the flood side of a smaller bay off Fundy. But here’s the crew, shifting “overload” gypsum into the corners so that the hatches can shut. When a commodity gets […]

Gypsum Bulker

309 posts ago the debut post introduced you to Alice, a bulker. One of the shots showed her from head on, highlighting the bulbous bow. Here’s another bulker Gypsum Baron, bow thruster just aft the bulbous bow getting service. Without the grate and prop, that launch could navigate right through. Here in dry dock, yard […]

Random Ships 86

This is “restricted visibility,” and as you can imagine, lots of fog horn blasts were sounded.  An alternative explanation is that APL Dublin just folds herself into another dimension.  The ship was launched in 2012. Believe it or not, the vessel below is also APL Dublin, photo taken about 10 minutes earlier in a less […]

12 Lakers b

Are you still making calendars?  Here’s another set of 12 candidates, if my count is right. January could be American Integrity, a product of Sturgeon Bay, WI, 1000′ loa x 105′ and when loaded and photographed from this angle, she looks impossibly long.  Her size keeps her confined to the four upper lakes, being way […]

KVK Square Riggers

Click here to scan the many posts with KVK in the title.  Here’s a new one inspired by arrivals that had many folks, aship and ashore, paying attention. Wavertree is suddenly and lavishly being regaled with sights of 21st century merchant vessels and crew from all over the world are paying attention. And a mile farther […]

Canal Craft 3

Oswego is one terminus in the NYS Canal system that sees regular calls from non-US ships, like Stephen B. Roman, named for this mining engineer.   I wish a shiptrafficwatcher would start an Oswego-focused blog. A joy of traveling the Canal system is seeing the craftsmanship  . . . of all sorts;  this building and […]

Graves of Arthur Kill T minus 3

I didn’t want to call this post “something different 19” because clearly it wouldn’t be different from the previous days.  A pattern has emerged, and then I realized that part of the pattern is that these photos depict some of the unidentifiable vessels lost in boneyard or ship graveyards like the one focused upon in […]

Happy 35th L’day Algolake

Join me in wishing the crew fair winds and safe sailing aboard their vessel Algolake launched 35 years ago yesterday.  I mentioned my Facebook link with Algolake here more than a month ago.  Boatnerd has more than a dozen fotos and all the specs here.    As of this posting, the vessel is in the […]

Other Watersheds 6

Allen Baker  has worked on four of the five Great Lakes in recent weeks and shares the next four fotos.  Massachusetts has that low, upswept “laker look” that reminds me of Grouper, which I’ve not received updates on.  Any guesses on location of the shot and launch date of Massachusetts? For launch date, you were […]