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Random Tugs Along the St. Lawrence 3

A few days ago I posted this twilight view of Service Boat No. 1. So, I hope she ‘s more defined by these shots from a bit later in the port of Montreal, as she passes Toronto Express.   Ocean Macareux (translates as “Ocean Puffin”) follows the grain elevators on her way to –maybe– attach […]

Océan Blue 8

Here was “7” and 1 through 6. This post will run photos from twilight to twilight… Above and below, prosaically Service Boat No. 1 is doing pilot exchange duty.  She’s not large or particularly powerful or new, but in twilight before dawn she looked and sounded formidable. Ocean Basques, here approaching the Laviolette Bridge, is […]

Government Boats 49

This photo comes from the Chantier Davie Canada, aka Davie Shipyard, across from Quebec City, taken in the first half of this month.  Two Ocean tugs assist a repurposed AHTS/Supply Ship Viking Vidar into the Davie’s docks to complete the transformation from private to public.  Click on the link in the previous sentence to see […]

Random Tugs Along the St. Lawrence 2

Mostly photos, and all taken between Quebec City and Montreal.  Ocean Charlie is a great name. Ocean Henry Bain moves a barge, possibly from a passenger terminal. x Ocean Intrepide hangs at East Montreal. But here in the South Shore Canal . . . the outlier . . .   Mary E. Hannah is way […]

Random Tugs Along the St. Lawrence 1

Enjoy three views of Ocean Echo II with different contexts:  the Iroquois Dam, a scenic late summer meadow, and the Iroquois lock itself.  Click here for pics dating from the dam and lock construction. A  lot of Ocean Group tugs are included here, but Ocean Cormoran is not . . . Although blue-hulled, VM/S St. […]

Other Peoples Photos 91

Many thanks to Sandy Berg and SkEye Stream for the photo below, drone assisted in Kingston ON.  In the foreground is Group Ocean’s Escorte, a 1967 Jakobson of Oyster Bay product, first launched as Menasha (YTB-773/YTM-761) for the U.S. Navy.  Off Escorte‘s stern it’s Sheri Lynn S, a Lake Ontario tug seen here. Next, let’s go […]

St. Louis on the St. Lawrence

Where was Doornekamp’s Sheri Lynn S heading? Downstream on the St. Lawrence to assist USS St. Louis, LCS-19, as she was making a port stop in Ogdensburg NY. Also assisting was Océan Serge Genois.   If this USN press release is current and accurate, other LCSs expected to exit the Great Lakes this year include […]

Road Fotos 44

The 11% grade, per road signs, leads to a strawberry vendor if you make the left and a ferry dock if you follow all the way down to the Saint Lawrence.  See the two ferries in the distance?  Click here for a view from roughly the same location in March two years ago. Ferry Joseph […]

Océan Blue 5

Here are the previous in this series. As we depart downstream on this rainy day, Ocean Pierre Julien  heads upstream. Ocean Intrepide stands by Silver Manoora and Mars S.   Over alongside Sorel-Tracy, Ocean Jupiter heads upstream for reasons beyond my ken.   The twins wait in Quebec City, and Ocean Serge Genois, farther upstream. […]

Carnavalons 1

To start out, here’s the Groupe Océan dock in the old port of Quebec.   The large tug to the left is Ocean Taiga; its twin Ocean Tundra is to its right.  Here’s my article on the 8200 hp twins (118′ loa x 42′) in February 2018 issue of ProfessionalMariner. Question:  As the temperature range at […]