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Retro Sixth Boro 38 A

It’s June, and I’m starting my 176th month doing tugster.  Wow!  how many hours might I have put into this now?  June 2011 saw some interesting sailboats and boats.  This post mentions only a few and covers the first half of the month. The Dyna-rigged Maltese Falcon was in town, sailing at 20 kts across […]

Canal Tug Project H

If Lyons NY sounds familiar to you, either you have lived near there (like me, 14 years) or you may have read references to the town on this blog, partly because it’s where Grouper has spent its past decade and where it still languishes. All photos in this post were taken in Lyons NY, and […]

Something Different 53

Recently I got a request for something on single screw tugs.  Ask . .  and receive, from the archives. May 1, 2011  . .  the 1901 Urger was on the dry dock wall in Lyons looking all spiffy.  A month later, she’d be miles away and alive. On March 19, 2010, the 1907 Pegasus had […]

12 Tugboats a

Kudos to Ginger, who guessed what the anniversary alluded to yesterday was.  Today begins year 12 of this blog.  So in the midst of all the references to CYBER- this and that, I’ll be my default contrarian self and call the next series a CYPHER series, lots of posts beginning with the number 12.  In […]

Random Ships 40

Right around this time four years ago, I saw my first dockwise vessel in the sixth boro and the loading process was lengthy.  There’s a link at the end of this post, by which time you’ll understand why I bring that up. For now,  imagine what’s to the right of Smit Panther and Smit Schelde, […]

Baaaaack! 2

Someone emailed me to say thanks for recent fotos of Giulio Verne and now Blue Marlin redux.  But Blue Marlin, of my “summer haze” Groundhog series, is currently off China (see her environment at the end of this post) and this is the older, smaller sister Mighty Servant 1. You can find the exact dimensions […]

Road Fotos 10

Here was Road  . . . 9. On the road, limited time and juice present themselves.  So, just  . . .  a relic, a huge Hamiltonian tug pushing a barge of aluminum ingots, a museum foto of a pre-WW2 RORO, an an industrious groundhog. Guess my location? All fotos by Will Van Dorp.  There’s much […]

Like Groundhog Day 6

It’s day 24 for Blue Marlin in the the ever-fascinating sixth boro, and I had NO intention to pick up this thread again, since I’d gone down to the Narrows today expecting a story about a certain three-masted schooner, which I hope to get to soon . . .   as that story emerges from […]

Like Groundhog Day 5

The tide turns, literally.  More fotos will follow. By 6:13 this morning, the first set of barges (BFT 38 ? and RTC 41) had just been loaded. At 6:37, the second set ( BFT 50 and Putnam ) was drifting into position. At 6:51, this second set was slipping in ahead of the supports. For over an […]

Like Groundhog Day

. . . the movie.  I’d thought to call this “getting closer to Rita” or DDSS.  Why?  Scuttlebutt had it that today was loading day, so I left home before 6, and the big orange back of Blue Marlin was still riderless.  Otherwise, things were not the same but very similar to yesterday.  Same people […]