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Grande Congo

Grimaldi  has a number of these ROROs, or technically, CONROs.  I’ve seen Grande Gabon, Senegal, Marocco, and Guinea. Ones I haven’t seen include Grande Togo, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, and I could go on . . . and those are not in the order they appear along the West African coastline.   For some […]

Eurocargo Bari

This sight might have confused some folks looking at vessels in the Stapleton anchorage yesterday.  The brightly lit vessel arrived a bit before sunrise. Here’s a closer shot.  That’s Discovery Coast with bunkers.    She spun with the tide. Although, like me, you might not recognize the shape and colors of this vessel, Grimaldi is […]

Random Ships 93

In several hours yesterday, a diverse set of vessels came by.  I could begin with Chemical Pioneer, a 1968 vessel that’s been calling here in some form for half a century.  She first called here as a container ship, until  her big fire. As Chemical Pioneer was assisted into a berth in Bayonne, an MSC […]

Random ROROs 2

ROROS of various sorts you can find here.  But let’s take three that have called in the sixth boro during this month.  These are three of many more.  See if you can rank them by age and size.    It should be fairly easy.  The three are Polaris Highway, Paganella (which I erroneously thought was Pagan […]

Grande Gabon

Grimaldi trademarked yellow appears fairly frequently in the sixth boro, but I’d never seen this CONRO until the other day.  Partly it catches my attention because I spent half a decade working in two of Gabon’s neighboring countries. I’ve always enjoyed the dawn.  The cool air and rich light cannot be topped, and now, it […]

Grande NY and Morning Peace

Eric McAllister went out the Narrows to meet her ship out beyond Swinburne.   It seems the gulls are excited by whatever chum follows in the wake, chum made from all those shad. The shine on the hull suggested a fairly new ship, and in fact, I’d never seen this one before, Grande New York. […]

Grande Senegal

I’ve seen other Grimaldi Grande vessels, but never Grande Senegal. So not matter that it was a gray day, I was happy to see this vessel calling in NYC’s sixth boro for the first time. Grimaldi is the parent company to ACL, whose unique new vessels have appeared on this blog here.   Click here […]

Atlantic Star Sixth Boro Arrival 2

Let’s pick up from yesterday and follow Atlantic Star from the Narrows to the part of the KVK called the “salt pile.”  To the right off the stern of Atlantic Star, that’s lower Manhattan. Ellen McAllister swoops in to deliver the docking pilot.  The signature “G” on the stack points to Grimaldi Group, of which ACL is […]

Names 17

Such great names on steel vessels that . . . ply our waters Indefatigable vessels like   Hyundai Grace, which left Shanghai on 6 February, entered the Narrows on 2 March–when I got these shots–and by 1 April will be back in Korea!  And what bright orange tanker could ever carry claim for being stealthy . . . […]

Random Ships 21

Chain link fence topped by accordion razor wire coils stand exposed only after a solid steel door is raised and an even heavier drawbridge lowered . . .   what is this? And what lurks toothily below in the moat that’s most certainly there? Salish Sea water, of course.  Many thanks to John Van Staalduinen […]