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Ghost Puzzles I Revisitation

I have not been back to a closeup of the scrapyard in the Arthur Kill since last spring, but recent correspondence both in the comments area of the blog and private and directly to me prompt this revisitation.  Click here to see the original post from August 2011.  Let me just add that this vessel–Bayou […]

Graves of Arthur Kill: the World Premiere

Here just over a year ago was the release information about the documentary. And here’s the BIG announcement:  the world premiere of the documentary will happen Wednesday, May 7 at 7 pm at the Brooklyn Heights Cinema and tickets for that evening’s fare . . . including ours are now on sale.  Click here for directions to […]

Ghost Puzzles 5

Note these three hulls, which we’ll call A, B, and C.  The identical arrangement of the “openings” in the bow are two smaller hawses on either side of a larger, more substantial one dead center.  Each also has a sturdy round or octagonal “coaming” with some unusual railing work.    Also, C has a single […]

Ghost Puzzles 4

As illustration of decay, see this foto I took late winter 2008, and this  . . . earlier this week.  Details about this vessel, Bayou Plaquemine, were given a few days ago . . . here. Excuse the blurry foto below that shows an unidentified vessel to Bayou…’s starboard, seen closeup here.  A puzzle to […]

Ghost Puzzles 3

Any ideas?  Note the pulley and cable fitted into the metal knees supporting columns, once vertical but now leaning to almost “two o’clock.” Here’s a decaying and woebegone version of what Lehigh Valley 79 preserves.  This may be younger edition, even.  And note the metallic vessel over in the lower left corner of the foto; […]

Ghost Puzzles 2

(Double click enlarges.)    Do that and behold ATR-89, once an ATR-1 class rescue tug.  The original ATR-1 was built at Wheeler Shipbuilding Corp. in Queens, NY.  At that link, I’m a fan of ATR- 28 and 76, given their dazzle paint.   I believe the last extant ATR-1 tug afloat sank at her mooring […]

Ghost Puzzles 1

Remember, doubleclick enlarges.  Any ideas what you’re looking at?  Notice parallel “vertebrae” center left and right;  right side is submerged below the “barrel,” and left side four white tips emerge from sunken “structure.”   Just in case your life doesn’t have enough puzzles, I’m injecting this one. I love easy puzzles as respite from the […]

Random Traffic August 2011

Here was Random  . . . August 2010. Identify this? And here, pushing barge John Blanche? An unidentified sloop trails a self-assured looking Susan E.  Witte. Lots of coordination gets Mangarella into Bayonne GMD, with Amy C, Ellen, and  Resolute;   John P. Brown escorts the door. Norasia Alya makes its way into Global with help from […]