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Retro 27 Gallivant

Nothing says the Delaware River up around Philadelphia and Camden more distinctly than a group of Hays tugs, here Big Daddy, High Roller, and Purple Hays.  That’s the stern of Grape Ape to the left. No company, I gather, has had more fun naming their boats than the Hays Tug and Launch folks.   I hope […]

Gallivanting to the Sixth Boro

If you depart at 0400, there’s not much to photograph.  Light beckoned as we approached Newburgh/Beacon. I saw Mt. Beacon as I never had before; ditto Storm King in sunrise that even dappled the wave tops. Once around Gee Point, we saw the statue (to the left on the ridge) of Kościuszko’s, fortifier of West Point. Once south […]

Gallivanting to the Rondout

In the drizzle, BBC Alabama awaits cargo in Port of Albany. Pocomoke transfers cargo, Brooklyn heads south, Hudson Valley sentinels keep vigil no matter how much rain falls, Doris hangs with Adelaide, as does Coral Coast with Cement Transporter 5300, Strider rests from striding, Union Dede docks at a port that 10 years ago was […]

Gallivanting to Troy

As we progress toward winter as well, the daylight hours shorten, making less to photograph, but I was happy we passed lock E8 in daylight to capture the crane GE uses to transship large cargos, like the rotor of a few weeks ago. The changing leaves complement the colors of the vintage floating plant, locks, […]

Gallivanting to Amsterdam

These photos I took over three different days as we entered Oswego and then overnighted in Amsterdam, NY . . .  that is. Robert S. Pierson arrived after we did, discharged over a dozen thousand tons of salt, and left soon after dawn. A horseshoe dam at Minetto was swollen. The morning departing Sylvan Beach […]

Gallivanting to Alexandria Bay

You saw this vessel in an earlier post.  It’s back from the Arctic for the season, most likely. We steamed through the night, so here’s our vessel already in Ogdensburg on a rainy morning. The river separating the US from Canada here is about a mile wide.   There was a time when folks who […]

Gallivant Montreal

Again, with limited wifi, it’s mostly photos, these all taken around Montreal.   Below is the MSC ship we followed on the approach to Trois Rivieres. The green hull is loading and the brown, discharging.     See the grain elevator and the MSC ship in the distance. The new Champlain Bridge is going up […]

Gallivanting Trois Rivières

I’ll reprise some of these vessels in later posts, but this traffic we passed or followed unbound from Quebec City. Umiavut serves the Canadian Arctic.           Ocean Traverse Nord has been featured in earlier posts.  Here she’s at capacity with dredge spoils from Lac St. Pierre and off to the release […]

Gallivant Quebec City

I’m not adding much text in the next few posts.  Why gild the lily or rouge the autumn maple leaf.  When I’m back in the sixth boro, I’ll revisit some of these photos.   For now enjoy Quebec.         This is Montmorency Falls.   Amundsen will be breaking ice soon.  Winter is […]

Off Gallivanting Again

By the time you read this, I should already be in Quebec, and once we get under way, we’ll reverse the trip I began six weeks ago in NYC’s sixth boro here. From Quebec City we travel up the Saint Lawrence, up as in upstream.  The waterway is truly beautiful, and although I have defined […]