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Gabby and Miller Time

Gabby L. Miller is only three years old. Built right here in the sixth boro, she just might grow into  . . . something larger than her 25′ loa x 13  and 660 hp. Notice the crew quarters under the house?  Gabby first appeared on this blog last Labor Day. Below, Mark Miller, a utility […]

Random Tugs 277

Today it’s all light, technically.  Other than that, this set is all sizes, all ages, all powers, and all shapes. Let’s start with  Gabby L., built in 2007 (?), 25.9′ x 13.7′, and rated as 660 hp. Comparing that, check out Genesis Vigilant, which I first met as Michigan Service, (same order of numbers) 1981, […]

Random Tugs 232

Let’s start here as a quiz.  Name that tug?  Answer follows.  The blurriness is a clue to the vintage . . . of the photo.  More oldies at the end of this post. Here’s an unusual treatment of name boards.  Can anyone clarify why the 6140 hp J. George Betz is the only Bouchard boat wit […]

GWA1: Narragansett Bay to the Sixth Boro

GWA stands “go[ing] west again,”  the next set of posts all attempting to catch myself and maybe you up, if you’re following along, with random and I hope interesting photos from the past almost three weeks.  I realize that catching up is impossible, and in this case while I had vacated the sixth boro, big […]

Random Tugs 116

Crow languishes here in Port Newark. A detail-impoverished foto of Manson Construction‘s hopper dredge Glenn Edwards along with tug Kendall J. Hebert.  Actually Samantha Miller is hiding in the haze near starboard stern of the dredge, anchored in Gravesend Bay. Click here for a coloful foto of Kendall J. Hebert. Some of the other boats I’ve […]

East River Delights 4

Here were 1,  2, and 3.  Looking back, my favorite of those three is number 1.  So what are the delights of the East River, other than my longstanding fixation on this aggregate carrier . . . ? Well, clearly I’m not the only one who recognizes how delightful Alice’s presence in the sixth boro […]

Random Tugs 101

From a moving vantage point in the center of the Upper Bay, I look south and see Shawn Miller pushing a deck barge to facilitate some trucking on the sixth boro. To the north, it’s Gabby L Miller crossing with 1WTC in the background.  At Blue Friday plus 80 days (i.e., 80 days since that […]

2012 Tug Race Winner is . . .

soon to be determined . . . less than 48 hours from now.  Here’s a schedule from the race organizers. Will the winner be blue . . . like Atlantic Salvor or formerly blue like Greenland Sea or Lincoln Sea? Maybe it’ll be blue and miraculously restored . . . like Crow? Or will it […]

NYC Tugboat Race 2009

Thanks to Matt Perricone, I witnessed the 17th annual tugboat race from an up-close platform, kind of like watching the Kentucky Derby from hind edge of the jockey’s seat.  Cornell won the best vintage tug award today, and if you haven’t voted yet, vote for Cornell for the “People’s Choice” award at next week’s Waterford […]

Small Craft 28

So in a recent post, you had a glimpse of this small craft, which I initially thought was a fishing boat.   I know how addictive fishing can be, since I used to ice fish and canoe fish. But it turned out to be Lynn, a Ken‘s boat, used for line and boom handling. I’d not […]