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For the Birds 12

Slater, later, but for now . . . birds! If I could paint a picture of these elegant BB red old English bantams strutting around my brother’s garage, I’d put it on my wall. If ever there was a bird that deserves to inspire a cartoon figure with swagger, the oyster catcher should be right […]

For the Birds 11

Whatzit?  Or, howzit? It’s just a male bufflehead caught in mid-dive.  This is the winter bird of the sixth boro . . . Hmm . . .  maybe we need a whole set of sixth boro symbols.  I’m open to your suggestions for tree, rock, beverage, flag . . .  the works . . Sometimes […]

For the Birds 10

Ships with bird names seem plentiful this year.  Recall One Ibis, ONE Apus, ONE Stork, CM CGM Aquila,  Oyster Catcher, NYK Falcon, NYK Crane… I could go on.   In the past months and not posted here, I’ve seen tankers like BW Raven and Yasa Flamingo, Yasa Hawk and Yasa Swan…, but this guy, a bufflehead, […]

For the Birds 9

I haven’t used this title in half a decade, but today I couldn’t resist. JRT waited at the Staten Island side of the VZ. But so were the geese, the brants. Lots of them. As well as the gulls. James D joined JRT as an escort gull whizzed overhead. Now you see it? Now? Jonathan […]

For the Birds 8

There are birds . . .  .  like (?) this winter plumage loon and this common merganser male.  And there are birds . . . here.  The rest of these photos come from Brian DeForest. What I’d still like to see this winter is one of these, though. Many thanks to Brian DeForest for these […]

For the Birds 7

Credit for this post goes to Rod Clingman, who yesterday sent me info about tree swallow roosting on the Connecticut River.  For info on this amazing gathering, click here and here. All fotos here are thanks to my daughter, who sent them a month ago already from Guanabara Bay, aka the natural harbor of Rio. […]

For the Birds 6

Most of the previous birds posts have been in winter .  . except this one.  I find birds one of the joys of winter.  So on the last day of winter, rather than go out and get rainy/sleet fotos, enjoy these. Two Brants discuss the approaching Hayward and the distancing Prominent Ace escorted in by […]

For the Birds 5

Here was Birds 4.  Birds intrude on these fotos a fair amount just because they do.  I usually don’t intend bird fotos, but like the second from bottom here, they happen and make intriguing juxtaposition.  Vastly different proximity of bird and vessel sometimes  makes for apparently huge birds and new ways of seeing, as in […]

For the Birds 4

You can’t hang around the water much and not see birds, and some populations that migrate in and out with the season.  I was snapping a foto in the distance when I heard the telltale sound of my favorite paparazza, catching me in flagrante delicto. But please, I said, I just wanted a foto of […]

For the Birds 3

Two gulls on an H-bitt, a tern on a rudder quadrant below the highlands of the Isle of Staten, a gull and two night herons  (see the second one directly below the first, near waterline) on disintegrating wooden scow, a loon in the north woods waters of Opeongo, a solitary heron over the skylines of […]