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Fog 25 B

Yesterday’s post ended with Timothy L. Sarah Ann, and Treasure Coast at different amounts obscured by the fog.  Treasure Coast spun around before my location to set Cement Transporter 7700 into the Lafarge North America Bayonne dock with assist by Pegasus.  I wondered about the vintage of Cement Transporter 7700;  she was launched from Todd […]

Fog 25 A

Apologies in advance for possible whiplash, but let’s return to the sixth boro.  I write blog posts one day at a time;  only rarely do I schedule posts in advance, so more photos of the December road trip aka F2 remain and will be posted later in the month.  When I post them, you’ll understand […]

Fog 24

Brazos is in the sixth boro;  I caught her at the east end of Fire Island a few months back here. R/V Shearwater approached, but that’s likely just because Shearwater appears to survey every square millimeter of the sixth boro and beyond. A day later I approached Brazos between the raindrops and from a different […]

Fog 23

This photo of aframax BW Thalassa I took on Friday.  Note the green BW slash about a third of the shiplength back from the bow.  Here’s a photo from Saturday, 24 hours later, after rain and fog have moved in.  Note the green BW slash on the tanker beyond the Evergreen ship? Ever Focus appears […]

Exotic Queen

I’ve usually used “exotic” for offshore windfarm-related vessels or others that are rarely-seen, because prior to five or so years ago, such vessels never called here.  In this case, cruise ships became quite scarce because of Covid, and so I counted myself fortunate to catch QM2 arriving this morning.  The fog blocked out the familiar […]

Fog 22

I knew it was coming.  VHF chatter alluded to it.  AIS showed it.  And for going on 10 minutes I’d heard it . . . sound, at intervals of not more than two minutes, a prolonged blast, of which I’d heard no fewer than five . . . Then in addition to the chest-penetrating blasts, […]

Traxter 1

Welcome to my March 2023 avatar . .  traxster, traveling my own defined 5000+ loop around the US on a USA Rail Pass, which gives me 30 days and ten steps as defined by Amtrak.  See here if you want more.  Background on Amtrak here.  Amtrak defines routes by names as here. Traxter 1 and […]

Second Lives 33

The photo below is from May 2011, a really long time ago, I concluded after looking through the archives.  I believe that is the first time Sassafras appeared in tugster, and if she were a land vehicle, I’d want to check then odometer . . . as I saw her yesterday, appearing also for the […]

Random Tugs 386

Discovery Coast has been around for over a decade now.  One of my first times to see her was here.  Lightning has only recently been joined by Thunder, here.  Might tugs named for other weather phenomena like hail and fog be coming? Helen was only renamed that earlier this year;  before that, she was  Charles Burton.  […]

Non-Random Tugs 13

Here’s a post I struggled with yesterday.  The photos are not the best to document what I saw:  a convergence of tugboats that all used to wear the same livery but now bearing new names. Susan Rose used to be Evening Breeze.  Although you can see part of the name plate, the stack has not […]