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Fog 24

Brazos is in the sixth boro;  I caught her at the east end of Fire Island a few months back here. R/V Shearwater approached, but that’s likely just because Shearwater appears to survey every square millimeter of the sixth boro and beyond. A day later I approached Brazos between the raindrops and from a different […]

Fog 23

This photo of aframax BW Thalassa I took on Friday.  Note the green BW slash about a third of the shiplength back from the bow.  Here’s a photo from Saturday, 24 hours later, after rain and fog have moved in.  Note the green BW slash on the tanker beyond the Evergreen ship? Ever Focus appears […]

Fog 22

I knew it was coming.  VHF chatter alluded to it.  AIS showed it.  And for going on 10 minutes I’d heard it . . . sound, at intervals of not more than two minutes, a prolonged blast, of which I’d heard no fewer than five . . . Then in addition to the chest-penetrating blasts, […]

Fog 21

Tinkering with the digital file, I’ve made SSV Corwith Cramer clearer here than she was to the naked eye as she came through the foggy Narrows yesterday morning. Maintaining this blog over many years and springtimes  has taught me how much fog is a spring phenomenon.  Here on a clearer day, Corwith Cramer (1987) raced into […]

Fog 20

Too bad this intriguingly named RORO was so far away when I saw it.  Actually Drive Green is the project;  the actual vessel name is Drive Green Highway.  The project seeks to reduce NOx and CO2; it’s more streamlined, uses slippery hull coating, incorporates solar-powered LED lighting throughout the ship, and more.  Click here for […]

Fog 19

Who knew so many types of fog exist?  I believe this is advection fog, and it’s patchy, forming only in places where warm air lays over cold moist areas, like ocean water in May, a common occurrence in the Upper Bay in springtime. 0849 hours:  I watched this ship come through the Narrows.  Around that […]

Fog ‘n Ice

For both photos today, thanks to Ashley Hutto.    When the air is much warmer than the water, Helen Laraway may look like this. And when it’s just plain cold and clear, Mister Jim in broken and refrozen ice looks like this.  For a look at how Mister Jim looked just a year and a […]

Fog 18

Fog is fog is fog . . . I know.  And fog is just one type of weather condition.  But fog can be terrifying.  Some vessels passed within 500 feet of me yesterday, and I saw nothing, although I knew they were there because of their required CFR “prolonged blast at intervals of not more […]

Fog 17

Carl Sandburg said:  “The fog comes  . ..  on little cat feet. It sits looking  . . . over harbor and city . . . on silent haunches And then moves on.”   My unrehearsed version is :  “The old cat once . .  . patrolled the wharf Now it sits over the sunlight . . . and sheds […]

Fog 16

When Walter’s building looks like this in the center of the island, the sixth boro looks like this.   Here Ava Jude pushes a Hughes barge past Ruth M. Reinauer wedded to RTC 102. Eastern Welder fishes as Emma Miller services Asphalt Star. Wolf River does hydrographic work while Chesapeake Coast lighters Elixir, and just beyond Amazon […]