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Flinterborg Bound for Sea 2: Eureka

He:  (stretching after much needed nap) Oooo.  Let me quick recall that dream!  The meaning’s in vu.  [See end of post.] Parrot: (from perch near bed) What?  Atchooo! Knowing where to start in this story  . . . well, it eludes me.  It’s a story, like so many, of a journey on water, a physical […]

Flinterborg Bound for Sea

(Note:  As of Thursday morning, Flinterborg was still anchored north of the VZ near Staten Island awaiting a weather window.) He:  (texting)  Flinterborg in vu!! She: (texting back)  Woo hoooo! And so it was when Flinterborg appeared beyond the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge, then turned at the red 76 buoy, headed toward Rhinecliff, where a diesel Amtrak […]

Hoorn-Bound Half Moon 2

Hats off and dinner on the table to Rod Smith of Narragansett Bay Shipping who put in a long day yesterday getting photos of the loading process of Half Moon onto the deck on BigLift Traveller.  Also many thanks to the hospitable crew of Traveller for accommodating Rod. I’m struck by how diminutive Half Moon […]

More Cargoes 24

Here are previous cargoes posts, but today I could have called this fog as well.  But what is it . . . a happy marina? Oh . . . Hornblower Hybrid , a misnomer, and Amarula Sun, a sport fish . . . It’s a Big Lift vessel with a marina load on its deck.   […]

Unusual Tow

You’ll excuse this poor quality lede photo once you realize who/what took it:  the Statue of Liberty has functioning eyes and watches everything that passes through this sector of the sixth boro.  Think about that:  she’s big and she witnesses!  And yesterday it was raining here, so those are water droplets on the lens. But […]

Whatzit 42

Hundreds of tires are moving here, but not one is spinning. Are they really moving?  Where is this?     Cornelia Maersk is headed for Charleston. Would those then be offloaded there, or is there a shortage elsewhere?  Unusual uncovered cargoes on container ships always surprise, like here, here, and here.   And then in […]

Dutch Surprise 2 This blog has featured Dutch-built vessels permanently in North America before, like Livet (scroll thru a bit) and Golden Re’al.  There’s also a set of posts in September  2009 about a traditional  Dutch fleet transported to the these waters for a long month’s touristic sailing;  scroll through the “archives” on the lower leftside here […]


means “jumbovision”  or “not everything fits inside a steel box.” Jeff Anzevino took the fotos in Poughkeepsie last Saturday, and  coincidentally Bowsprite became intrigued with her some hours later as the jumboship passed through a dark sixth boro bound for sea.  Bowsprite’s watercolor renders her conceptually, whereas Jeff’s fotos caught her naked deckload.   As […]

Meanwhile Upriver Feb 2011

Tomorrow or later today I’ll explain my fotos at the top of the Flickr gallery lower left.  Meanwhile, thanks much to Kate and Dock Shuter for these fotos from the Rhinecliff side of the Hudson taken eight days ago.   From near to far in this foto:  ice sailor on skis, his kite propulsion, Kimberly […]


Practitioners of the culinary magic called “nouvelle cuisine”  have created the “amuse-bouche,” some mini-morsel intended by the chef to surprise and … well, amuse you.  Back when I lived in francophone Africa and spoke only French in all the moods and situations of my life, I learned the crasser word “amuse-gueule”   (gueule being snout […]