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BOLO Combi Dock 1

This may be the one to look for, the one to satisfy the restless Peking,  transport her back to Germany. It’s not fake news, but I am speculating.   Combi Dock 1 . . . might be the one, even though it’s currently approaching Singapore.  For more vessels of their fleet, click here. For some previous heavy lift […]

Thanks to Aleksandr Mariy

Aleksandr sent me these photos about a month ago.  He took them on April 20 passing Vlissingen and headed generally northward.   And I’m somewhat stumped.  What does Flintercoral look like to you? To me it looks like a new build, going elsewhere for completion. Multratug 27 takes the bow and Multrasalvor 3 at the […]

Babel in the Harbor

What I would like to know is how widely known is “seaspeak,” or SMCP.  Or, how much have seaspeak principles been morphed–voluntarily or by regulation–into common VHF practice? Most large ships look alike, allowing for differentiation into groups like container ship, tanker, RORO, pure car truck carrier, and then sub-groups with military vessels. Explanation:  physics, […]


Much more Flinterborg (now at sea) tomorrow. Any guesses what vessel this  wheelhouse bridge sits astride?  It’s certainly NOT the Flinter ship.  No schooner is she. It docked for part of the past weekend at Pier 66, near Cornell, Frying Pan, and Harvey. It’s a barquentine, here entering Atlantic Basin some weeks back.  For outa-towners, […]

Flinterduin Heads for Boro6

Foto credit here goes to Wilto Eekhof of the city of Sneek in the Netherlands province of Friesland.  And I’m crediting him via Koopvaardij as transmitted by  SeaBart of  Flinterduin, below, looks to set of record for masts:  a 15-(at least)-masted-power vessel.  Here at the Flinter site are pics of the loading of this […]

Atlantic Basin Barge Detail

Bowsprite satified my hungry eyes with her epic vistas of the diverse craft in the Upper Bay Sunday.  Let me complement by directing the eyes to equally satisfying detail.  Like flags defying uniformity of color and shape flying from mastheads of divers tips.  Actually, the tell-tale is called a wimpel.  On the top foto, notice […]