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Flinterborg Bound for Sea 2: Eureka

He:  (stretching after much needed nap) Oooo.  Let me quick recall that dream!  The meaning’s in vu.  [See end of post.] Parrot: (from perch near bed) What?  Atchooo! Knowing where to start in this story  . . . well, it eludes me.  It’s a story, like so many, of a journey on water, a physical […]

Flinterborg Bound for Sea

(Note:  As of Thursday morning, Flinterborg was still anchored north of the VZ near Staten Island awaiting a weather window.) He:  (texting)  Flinterborg in vu!! She: (texting back)  Woo hoooo! And so it was when Flinterborg appeared beyond the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge, then turned at the red 76 buoy, headed toward Rhinecliff, where a diesel Amtrak […]

Flinterduin Arrives in New York

With many thanks to . . .  welcome Flinterduin!  In the next few hours, her cargo will be offloaded, and the sixth boro will see sail and leeboards as it never has before.  Amusing though confusing was the counterclockwise victory lap of Governors Island Flinterduin indulged before heading under the southernmost East River bridges […]

Flinterduin Heads for Boro6

Foto credit here goes to Wilto Eekhof of the city of Sneek in the Netherlands province of Friesland.  And I’m crediting him via Koopvaardij as transmitted by  SeaBart of  Flinterduin, below, looks to set of record for masts:  a 15-(at least)-masted-power vessel.  Here at the Flinter site are pics of the loading of this […]

More Cargoes 24

Here are previous cargoes posts, but today I could have called this fog as well.  But what is it . . . a happy marina? Oh . . . Hornblower Hybrid , a misnomer, and Amarula Sun, a sport fish . . . It’s a Big Lift vessel with a marina load on its deck.   […]

Unusual Tow

You’ll excuse this poor quality lede photo once you realize who/what took it:  the Statue of Liberty has functioning eyes and watches everything that passes through this sector of the sixth boro.  Think about that:  she’s big and she witnesses!  And yesterday it was raining here, so those are water droplets on the lens. But […]

Retro Sixth Boro 19

i.e., the 19th month in a row that I’ve posted photos from exactly 120 months before.  Well, although it’s not always this hazy, the Statue still looks the same, but Responder no longer carries that boom or works in the sixth boro, and neither that bridge nor Coho looks the same. Coral Sea Queen has been […]

Whatzit 42

Hundreds of tires are moving here, but not one is spinning. Are they really moving?  Where is this?     Cornelia Maersk is headed for Charleston. Would those then be offloaded there, or is there a shortage elsewhere?  Unusual uncovered cargoes on container ships always surprise, like here, here, and here.   And then in […]

BOLO Combi Dock 1

This may be the one to look for, the one to satisfy the restless Peking,  transport her back to Germany. It’s not fake news, but I am speculating.   Combi Dock 1 . . . might be the one, even though it’s currently approaching Singapore.  For more vessels of their fleet, click here. For some previous heavy lift […]

Pairs in Springtime 8

Paris this springtime has seen new waterfronts, quite miserable for anyone wedded to the old margins.  Click on the image to read the story. But I’m not focusing here on “paris,” but rather “pairs” that have been “pairing” around the sixth boro.  And that appears to be Flinterland over beyond the warehouses just arrived from Paramaribo. […]