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Always Fleet Week

That’s true along the Elizabeth River in Virgina.  Naval Station Norfolk always has a formidable array, like LPD-24 USS Arlington, T-ARC-7 USNS Zeus, T-AKE-13 USNS Medgar Evers, T-ESB-3 USNS Lewis B. Puller, lots of patrols and a fence, T-AKR-5063 USNS SS Cape May, and its complement of barges.  Here’s more of a description.   Then, […]

Meeting the Fleet 2019b

Wednesday was such a spectacular day for parading into NYC’s Upper Bay that even the cormorant took notice. USS New York had this Osprey on its deck, surrounded by a crew of sailors and marines. Previous appearances of USS New York, in the harbor and on this blog, can be found here.   Also in […]

Meeting the Fleet 2019a

See that lineup . . .   it can mean only one thing, and it’s not the invasion of 300 enemy warships.  Here are some of those meeting the fleet . . . And here the fleet, part of the vessels . . .. Three Forty Three does the honors. The lead gray ship has […]

Meeting the Fleet 2017 a

Here are the posts I did each of the past two years.  I’ll call this the beginning of the processional.  How many government vessels do you count in the photo below? Carefully screened support vessels–Rana Miller, Elizabeth McAllister, and Resolute— lead the procession, here past Ellis Island, while small craft of the NYC Navy and […]

Weeks 3

I do not try to group tugboats in posts by company, but in the past week I’ve noticed an inordinate number of Weeks boats in the sixth boro.  Let’s start with this shot of Trevor, which I caught yesterday.   Here are some previous Trevor shots. Earlier I’d caught Trevor tailing a tow pull by […]

Meeting the Fleet 2016

This collage of orange and blue indicates that something unusual approaches . . . 0846 hr . . . 0904     Atlantic Salvor might have been headed out on a long range mission, but at this point, I realized this mission would begin in the Lower Bay of the sixth boro along with lots of […]

Meeting the Fleet 2015

Here’s the fleet arrival extravaganza from three years ago.  And here are installments 1  2 and 3 of the arrival of a special vessel of the LPD set. I got my spot early, and had some surprises . . . like this medium endurance cutter heading OUT to meet the fleet. There were also these four […]

No Name Fleet 3 Followup

Back in November 2009, I did this post and I’ll repost two of my fotos from then, showing a 1940 Chris Craft and a 1939 ACF, slightly tweaked here and here. Earlier this week, Darrin Rice got these followup pics. I find these poignant, yet there is some buoyancy in that it appears this old […]

NY400 Week Armada 2

So here is most of the rest of the fleet.  Of course, Half Moon was the flagship, the raison d’etre of the event.  Following behind is Onrust, its first season teaching history.  Use the search window to find more on both.  For a creative-nonfiction account of Henry Hudson’s journey channeled across 400 years, click here. […]

Week’s Ship Sampler 2

First, a request OR call it a contest to all shipwatchers of the sixth boro or any who journey there on or about end August/begin September:  a material prize for the best shot of 15-masted power vessel Flinterduin entering or traversing the sixth boro with its cargo of 20 traditional sailing vessels.  Material . . […]