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Government Boats 60

For the past week on AIS, this has been “govt vessel 5,” and she’s currently in Stapleton taking on fuel. Clearly she’s a Freedom-class LCS, with its distinctive bow-low profile.   It’s powered by four engines:  2 x Fairbanks Morse/ Colt-Pielstick 9,100 hp diesels plus two 2 x Rolls-Royce 48,000 hp gas turbines run through four […]

Meeting the Fleet 2022 A

Scouts?  Patrol?  Search pattern?  First and foremost, it’s to honor our war dead, and there are too many of those, even the walking wounded and dead…. Thanks to New York Media Boat, I caught the fleet from a different angle, all while respecting the safety zones. Note the unmistakeable red of a McAllister tugboat on […]

Meeting the Fleet 2022 B

I’m just observing, not criticizing, but the vessel turnout in 2022 seems quite small. I understand that lots of other things are happening globally.   Following USS Bataan, USCGC Sycamore (WLB-209) and HMS Protector (A-173) arrive.  They are both about 20 years in service and have both done assignments in the Arctic. Sycamore made a run […]

Other Peoples Photos 98

Thanks to Bjoern of New York Media Boat, it’s  . . .  LCU 1657.  This was last week, March 2022 At first glance I thought it was a landing craft with a large add-on wheelhouse.  Later I noticed the landing craft was being pushed by a small tugboat named Pierson.  I’m not familiar with this […]

Meeting the Fleet 2019a

See that lineup . . .   it can mean only one thing, and it’s not the invasion of 300 enemy warships.  Here are some of those meeting the fleet . . . And here the fleet, part of the vessels . . .. Three Forty Three does the honors. The lead gray ship has […]

Always Fleet Week

That’s true along the Elizabeth River in Virgina.  Naval Station Norfolk always has a formidable array, like LPD-24 USS Arlington, T-ARC-7 USNS Zeus, T-AKE-13 USNS Medgar Evers, T-ESB-3 USNS Lewis B. Puller, lots of patrols and a fence, T-AKR-5063 USNS SS Cape May, and its complement of barges.  Here’s more of a description.   Then, […]

RV Neil Armstrong

Click here for some of the previous posts featuring research vessels. Here was Armstrong yesterday around this hour, but as of this writing, she’s almost back to Woods Hole, cruising along the southern side of the Elizabeth Islands, an archipelago I’ve never visited. For more info on Armstrong and her mission, click here.   All […]

Government Boats 47

I missed the sixth boro fleet week this year, so here’s my compensatory post. A French FREMM visited the port a few years ago, and here’s the first Italian one I’ve seen, built by Fincantieri.  FREMM . . . well for the French frigate it would expand to Frégate européenne multi-mission.  The Italians would call […]

Meeting the Fleet 2017 b

In case you’re wondering which vessel(s) will be where, here’s the listing.  These photos are ordered in the sequence they passed lower Manhattan. USCGC Hamilton WMSL-753,less than three years old, is home-ported in Charleston  . . . and Seattle.   How does that work?   RV Neil Armstrong AGOR-27 replaced the venerable RV Knorr, mentioned […]

Meeting the Fleet 2017 a

Here are the posts I did each of the past two years.  I’ll call this the beginning of the processional.  How many government vessels do you count in the photo below? Carefully screened support vessels–Rana Miller, Elizabeth McAllister, and Resolute— lead the procession, here past Ellis Island, while small craft of the NYC Navy and […]