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Flags of Convenience 6

aka “that you can choose your registry is something I’ve never fully understood.”  I suppose some folks prefer the term “open registry.”  Check all these different registries, FoCs, all taken in the past 30 days!  Here are previous installments. Let’s start with Maersk, the largest overseas cargo transport company in the world, based in Copenhagen, […]

Flags of Convenience 5

Here are previous posts, and yes, it’s twelve o’clock somewhere . . . which means POSTING Time. What would be your guess for the nationality of the mariner on the tug?  How about the mariners on the ship? I’ll let you ponder a clue that might be here. It’s like spotting a unicorn to see […]

Flags of Convenience 4

That declaration . . . it’s good to read it now and again, especially these days.  And since I choose to post at noon, this post will be up for half the holiday, even if the holiday is NOT the actual date the document was signed. In civilian life, flags are freely displayed, without compulsion. […]

Flags of Convenience 3

Is it just so simple that boats show off flags better than other modes of transportation do?  Maltese Falcon proudly displays the Maltese flag, whereas Stena Stealth has probably never docked in the Marshall Islands, a popular flag of convenience, and flags of silliness mark the escutcheons of others, like this one on Stampede. Some […]

Hulls as Flags

Kudos to Brian: see his comment to the left on the “lassoing polar bears” and Ernestina connection. See another New York connection with Ernestina here. The first scheduled trans-Atlantic packet service ran between New York and Liverpool 190 years ago, the Black Ball Line, marked by its flag: a black ball on a red field. […]

Flags of Convenience 2

Thanks to DeWitt Clinton, the Hudson River and Erie Canal gets there. So does the the St. Lawrence. They both lead to the “inland seas” . . . the ones along the “third coast” of the United States, if I might borrow the term from the literary journal. The easternmost of those evolving seas is […]

Flags of Convenience

Who is the sailor standing watch (or taking a break) on the bow as Harrier slips eastward on Kill van Kull and heads outbound? Nationality? Age? History? He’s barely visible way up there, one foot on the rail? Almost a figurehead. Harrier lists Majuro as port of registry. Quiz your friends about its location after […]

Something Different 63

Philadelphia Express came into the sixth boro yesterday with stated destination . . . . Karachi!@#!  Made a wrong turn?  More on Karachi later in this post. But here’s my question . . .  see that flag to the left of the name?  That’s the country of registry.  Recognize it? Here’s more of a clue […]

From the Line Locker 29

First, see these three photos from 2009 with updates.  I passed by this spot in Seaford DE this past week . . . on a mission, and the former Flagship Nanticoke Queen restaurant is no more.  Only a graded lot remains where the USS McKeever Brothers (SP-683) WW1 patrol and minesweeper vessel and fishing boat […]

For the Birds 14

Here are the birds.  Now what’s the rest of the story? Part of the story is told by these flags, US courtesy, German registry, and is that a pilot flag? She was large for a 2008 container ship:  1098′ x 140′ with a capacity of 8606 teu.   I’d love to know more about accessing […]