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Flags of Convenience 6

aka “that you can choose your registry is something I’ve never fully understood.”  I suppose some folks prefer the term “open registry.”  Check all these different registries, FoCs, all taken in the past 30 days!  Here are previous installments. Let’s start with Maersk, the largest overseas cargo transport company in the world, based in Copenhagen, […]

Whatzit 26 Follow-up

April 2015, and here was the context. April 2022, and I’ve heard rumors about context but no confirmation.  It was pure serendipity that I was in roughly the same area of the Staten Island boro, enjoying springtime warmth and watching the sixth boro. ’15.  The reversal of paint is interesting.  There may be semiotic significance, […]

East River Catch Up 4

  Clearly, we robots messed up.  To make amends, here’s some info pasted in: GENERAL RUDDER (IMO: 8835463) is a Training Ship that was built in 1984 and is sailing under the flag of USA. Her current draught is reported to be 4.5 meters. Her length overall (LOA) is 68.28 meters and her width is 13.11 […]

June Thirtyfirst

Happy Canada Day to our neighbors to the north, where half my relatives come from. I barely saw the sixth boro this June, so I had to catch up a bit, adding another day to the month to do so.  Over by the Bayonne Centerline yard, I saw three previously Bouchard boats all wearing or […]

Spring Giddiness 4

They say the devil is in the details, but so are the delights.  I often take photos without knowing what delightful details I will uncover.  Like the photo below . . .  what caught my attention was that it was the first ketch I’d seen in the boro in 2022. When I looked closer, I […]

Something Different 63

Philadelphia Express came into the sixth boro yesterday with stated destination . . . . Karachi!@#!  Made a wrong turn?  More on Karachi later in this post. But here’s my question . . .  see that flag to the left of the name?  That’s the country of registry.  Recognize it? Here’s more of a clue […]

For the Birds 14

Here are the birds.  Now what’s the rest of the story? Part of the story is told by these flags, US courtesy, German registry, and is that a pilot flag? She was large for a 2008 container ship:  1098′ x 140′ with a capacity of 8606 teu.   I’d love to know more about accessing […]

Sarah D 3

Two sets of photos, taken three weeks apart exactly, seem a good way to bookmark the 5000 miles I drove during two-thirds of September.  Yesterday I caught these sights of Sarah D earning her keep and that of her people in the sixth boro industrial setting she’s comfortable in. Back three weeks before, she was […]

Summer Yachts 9

Maiden is in the boro, an impressive thoroughbred sailing since 1979!  I hope you click on that link for her amazing history.  Here‘s more on its current voyage. The definition of yacht is quite loose.  I’d argue that the sloop passing in front of the Statue is someone’s yacht, although it’s not a global circumnavigator […]

Flags of Convenience 5

Here are previous posts, and yes, it’s twelve o’clock somewhere . . . which means POSTING Time. What would be your guess for the nationality of the mariner on the tug?  How about the mariners on the ship? I’ll let you ponder a clue that might be here. It’s like spotting a unicorn to see […]